Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Months.

My babies are getting so big! Each month gets better and better and more fun! Less fussiness and more sweetness, thank goodness! More sleep, too!

Weight - No official pediatrician appointment this month, but we took the boys in for a few minor things on January 21st (11 weeks old). Reid weighed 11lbs 6oz and Travis weight 11lbs 10oz.

Eating - Around the 2.5 month mark, our breastfeeding journey came to an end. The mommy guilt kicks in from time to time, but then I remind myself that they are still getting breastmilk and we are all happier as a result of that decision. We were following the Moms on Call 4-8 week schedule, which is what the book suggests until they start sleeping through the night. So they were eating at 6 or 7am (whenever they woke up for the day), 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, and 8:30pm. If they woke up in the middle of the night, we'd try to shush them back to sleep, but if we couldn't, we'd feed them. On this schedule, they were getting 5-5.5oz bottles each feeding.

Sleeping -  January 31st was the first time they slept through the night, 2 days shy of turning 3 months. This was also the night before I went back to work! It's like they knew! They will wake up and squirm a little bit now, but put themselves back to sleep. They wake up for the day between 6:30-7. If they wake up at different times, I take advantage of the one on one time by holding them while feeding them a bottle, rather than putting them in their Rock n Plays and propping bottles in their mouths.

Milestones - Smiling and cooing up a storm. Batting at the toys hanging from their play mat, bouncy seat, and car seat. Kicking like crazy, especially in the bath! Summertime at the pool is going to be so fun! Both really love holding their Oball. Can both hold theirs heads up and so close to not wobbling. They are the happiest in the bath and laying on their changing table! They also really like to stand in our laps!

Favorite Baby Gear - Nail clippers with a light (their nails grow so fast!!), Dohm white noise machine (blocks out so much noise!), bouncy seat and sit me up seat (they think they're big boys now and rarely like to lay down)

Lunch date with our other twin friends, Oliver and Sam!

The morning I went back to work

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