Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Well, Tropical Storm Bonnie decided to rain on everyone's parade (literally) during the long holiday weekend, so any plans of soaking up some sun were canceled. But we still managed to spend time with a lot of friends and take advantage of rainy day laziness.

-Saturday was spent day drinking at Home Team BBQ, followed by a cat nap. Once refreshed we went to the Rifle Club for a few rounds of bowling and unlimited popcorn (my favorite part). 

-Sunday we took advantage of the nasty weather and were couch potatoes most of the day. Those days are just needed every now and then. We did make it out of the house and over to Cameron's parents' for dinner that night! 

-Monday we dropped Cameron's parents off at the cruise terminal for their 10 day cruise, and we hit up the outlets for some sales! Cameron goes shopping once, maybe twice a year, so this was the perfect time for him to add some staples to his wardrobe. More clothes for Cameron = more time in between loads of laundry for me! I picked up these shorts (third pair..love them!), t-shirt dress, and a maxi dress. 

Also, hi to my new friend from Raleigh who came up to me on Kiawah Friday! I definitely don't consider myself to be a "big time blogger" so it meant a lot that you told me you missed my blog! Definitely motivates me to post more! :) 

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