Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Updates.

Rather than posting my long checklist, I've decided to give a little summary of what I got accomplished in November and what I am planning on accomplishing in December!

The biggest thing that we checked off was our food tasting (it got bumped up a week)! And let me tell you - it was GOOD. We did not leave hungry and our guests will not leave the reception hungry either. I won't spill the beans on everything we're having, but you KNOW I've got to have my fried pickles! :)
Also in November, we received the pom poms in the mail that we'll be using for our send off and got even more excited about using them after seeing Amanda's wedding video because she used pom poms, too, and they looked like so much fun! 

I also finished the shopping for all of my bridesmaids gifts!

In December I plan to:
-continue working on putting together the invitations
-purchase Cameron's wedding band
-stare at my bridal portrait pictures daily (my mom told me not to admit this haha)
-attempt again to get our passports
-celebrate our engage-iversary!
-start getting extremely anxious when we hit the 3 month countdown


  1. That's so nice that they put up a welcome sign for you! I'm sure your food will be delicious. The fried pickles sound perfect! And your to do list for December sounds very doable. It's when that two and one month countdown come that all the little things start picking up, I think! I feel like it was just yesterday that you got engaged and shared it here. It's so amazing how short the years seem.

  2. Frickles at the wedding. You're my hero.

  3. Love the fried pickles!

    Also, I've seen the pom poms done in real life and it was super cute! The couple went to different schools and first got to grab pom poms based on which school they sided with--super cute and a little personal, fun rivalry!

  4. I loved our food tasting. That was my favorite part of the whole entire planning process I think!!


  5. I just got so excited for yall! Food tasting sounds like such a fun part of the planning process. Fried pickles at your wedding, duh!

  6. The food tasting is one of the best parts of wedding planning! I love the fried pickle cones, that's too cute and fun!! Also, I'm now craving pickles like mad. Haha

    You're accomplishing so much on wedding planning! It'll be here before you know it :) Good luck!

  7. LOVE that you are using poms! We are planning to do that as well! I am having a hard time finding some to buy in bulk.. Any suggestions?
    Love your blog & your love for pickles!

    1. Hi Jordon! I ordered our pom poms (300 total) from Oriental Trading! They were the best price I found and the closest to the colors I needed. I also found a coupon online that took off $10! :) Hope this helps!

  8. I would think the food tasting would be my favorite part of wedding planning! That would be amazing if you had fried green pickles!

  9. All of this makes me SO excited for you! I am getting married just a couple of weeks before you so we have very similar to do lists! YAY for March weddings! :)

  10. Cute blog! Found you via the link up. I just got married in October!! Newest follower!

  11. Has your fiance tried to sneak a peek at your bridal portraits--or are you keeping them in a top secret place?!

  12. getting closer and closer! so exciting!

  13. I'm just focusing on the fact that you're trying to get your passports still! YIKESSSSS! Dang the post office.. But the food picture looks adorbs!! I love that you'll have fried pickles, you are TOO cute! Can you believe how close it's getting finally?! And I'm sure you'll be getting registry loot for xmas and that'll be so exciting too!!! YIPPIE!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out!! Planning on posting the video next week.. He was behind on making it public. :(