Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Weekend Wrap-Up.

{Friday evening}
Went on a booze cruise to celebrate Cameron's brother's 40th birthday. Luckily, we made it back to the dock before the torrential downpour. But since it was raining so hard, we just all stayed on the boat for another hour and a half continuing the party! 

Saturday the weather was iffy. One second it would be cloudy, the next second the sun would be peeking through the clouds. We took advantage of the non-boat weather day and crossed some house projects off the list that we've been putting off for months, ok years. 

That evening, we made the 30 minute drive to Summerville, where I grew up and where my parents still live, to celebrate my mom's birthday. My parents best friends were in town from North Carolina and we hadn't seen them since the wedding, so that was also an incentive to go. 

We had dinner at Oscar's, then bar hopped all around downtown Summerville. 

Made it a good old fashioned Sandbar Sunday. 
Even the rain couldn't scare us away. We just hopped into the water where it was warm.

Now back to work...
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five {Current Beauty Favorites}.

Good morning and Happy Friday! 
This week flew by and I am not complaining about it one bit. It helped that I had an extra day off yesterday so that I could take Brady to the vet and do a much-needed, massive cleaning to our house. 

Below are some of my favorite beauty products that I'm using right now, a lot of them being products that will be purchased over and over again. 

This is, no lie, the first moisturizer that I've purchased more than once. I've finally found my perfect fit, moisturizer wise. I use it in the morning and at night, and it does not leave my face greasy, nor dry. It's more expensive than my frugal self would like to spend on a moisturizer, but it lasts for months and since everyone sees my face, why not take good care of it? 

Smells amazing, plus it makes your hair super soft. What more could you want? 

I received a sample of this when I purchased my Clinique moisturizer above, and I am in love. I really don't know how to explain the smell of it, other than it smells amazing. Not too strong, not too soft. Not too sweet, not too musky. Juuuuuuust right. 

I was sent a bottle of this dry shampoo from Influenster. I use dry shampoo often, having to be at work by 6:45am, so I like my dry shampoo to be inexpensive, but get the job done. The Herbal Essence dry shampoo fits the bill for both. And it smells nice, not all chemically like the Suave that I normally use. There are a lot of negative reviews out there about the packaging and the bottle getting clogged up after one or two uses, but I have not experienced that yet. Try it out, it might just be your new favorite!

I use this every other day and will purchase over and over again. My face has become more sensitive lately and this product does not irritate my skin. Leaving it super soft. 

Helpful tip - I always buy the sample size of new products I want to try, if possible. That way, if I wind up not liking the product, I haven't wasted too much money. 

What are your favorite beauty products that you purchase time after time?

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cameron's 30th Birthday Bash.

Last Friday was Cameron's 30th birthday. Yes, I failed to post one of those sappy birthday posts. Truth is, I had the day off and I was running around town like a crazy person getting errands done. 

Cameron definitely celebrated his 30th birthday right. 

Friday night, his parents took us out to dinner to Magnolia's. We started with the pimento cheese, which was amazing. I ordered the shellfish over grits, which had scallops, shrimp, and lobster over creamy grits topped with lobster sauce and crispy spinach. Sorry for making your mouth water so early in the morning.

Saturday was the big party day! His mom and I had been planning the party for about 2 months, so we were very excited it was finally here. It was not a surprise party, but I left a big detail out when I told him about it - the Baja Burrito food truck! Hiring a food truck was the best idea - they do all of the work! The food was amazing and I heard so many compliments. I got to pick 4 burritos and 4 tacos to put on the menu. Guests got to pick either 1 burrito or 3 tacos. The burritos were HUGE - Cameron's stepdad weighed his and it weighed a pound and a half!

The California was on point with the carne asada, guac, cheese, salsa verde, and french fries all rolled into one massive burrito.

If you've never tried the Kirkland brand margaritas from Costco, please do. I had so many people asking me if I made the margaritas myself. Best part? They're only $10 a handle! 

The surprise birthday tiger! (aka Cameron's sister in law, Nancy)

Check out #cameronsbig3oh on Instagram for more pictures.


On Sunday, we went to Summerville to celebrate all 5 June birthdays in our family. 
Sister's boyfriend, sister, Cameron, mom,  and Grandaddy Smitty
We stuffed ourselves with blue cheese burgers, pasta salad, homemade peach ice cream, and a burger cake!

Needless to say, my diet started yesterday today.
Hope you had a great birthday, Cameron! 
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Charleston 9 {7 Years}.

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the Sofa Super Store fire that took the lives of 9 Charleston firefighters. 
They will never be forgotten for the sacrifices that they made. 

You can read more about it here and about the impact that one of the firefighters had on me, and a ton of other people from my hometown. 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five {Monogram Frenzy, Boxcar Betty's, The Citadel, Garden + Oat My Goodness}.

Happy Friday, y'all! 
I am SO glad it's here because I, for once, don't have to work this weekend! Tonight we'll probably just keep it low key, tomorrow night we have supper club, and Sunday we'll be celebrating our Dads!

I don't know what came over me, but I went on a bit of a monogram frenzy over the past two weeks. 
As mentioned yesterday, I went with a couple of girls to Boxcar Betty's last night, a new restaurant in West Ashley. I wound up ordering the blue cheese and buffalo sandwich. It was good, but next time I would order extra blue cheese. I couldn't taste it at all. I definitely had sandwich envy over Caroline's Boxcar sandwich, which had pimento cheese, peach slaw, homemade pickles, and spicy mayo. 

We inhaled our sandwiches so fast and weren't quite ready to go home yet, so we stopped by Triangle for a drink.
Peach sangrias and a watermelon rita

I helped a friend coordinate her wedding last Saturday and before the ceremony, which was at the Citadel, I got Emily to snap a picture of me in this very special chair. You see, this chair that sits on the alter in the Citadel's chapel, is dedicated to my great grandfather, Capt. Justus Alvin Tiedemann. He graduated from the Citadel and then went on to become a professor there. Pretty special. 

I was able to pick my first veggies from my garden yesterday! As I was picking them, I knew exactly what recipe I would use these cucumbers for - the chilled garlic soy cucumber recipe that Katie posted yesterday. Will let y'all know how it is!

I was lucky enough to win Jillian's Oat My Goodness granola giveaway and I'm so glad I did. I am hooked. I got to choose 2 of the flavors so I picked Bad Monkey (peanut butter, chocolate, banana combo) and Sunrise (orange, coffee, mango, and macadamia nuts). I knew for sure I was going to like the Bad Monkey better, but surprisingly, I could not stop eating the Sunrise. This granola is available on their website and for you locals, it's available at Southern Season in Mt. Pleasant. 
(Yes, Stephanie, that means I'm going to ask you to bring me some.)

Enjoy your weekends!  

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Confessions {Part III}

Today I confess...

-I made it to the gym this morning before work (yay!), but realized halfway to work that I left my change of clothes hanging by the front door (boo!). So I'm chilling at work in my gym clothes. 

-Ever since I found out I would be eating at Boxcar Betty's tonight, I've had a serious debate going on inside my head as to which sandwich to order. 
Pimento cheese and peach slaw vs. blue cheese and buffalo. 
It's going to have to be a game time decision.

-I have THE worst road rage. I'm talking potty mouth, yelling, etc. 
It's kind of embarassing. 

-I've researched lip injections and other possible options. I despise the fact that when I smile, my top lip disappears and all you can see are my gums. I spoke to a friend of a friend (whose name I will keep confidential) and she's gotten botox in her top lip to relax it, which in conclusion, covers more of the gums when she smiles. 
Am I crazy??
You like this look, Cameron?

Smell ya later!
(That's a reference to me still being in my gym clothes.)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Make Your Grout Look Brand New.

After living in our house for three years and trying every option under the sun to try to clean the grout in the hallway bathroom, I stumbled across this blog post from Young House Love and boy, am I glad I did!  

I spread this project out over a few days so I didn't get totally burnt out on it. It was super easy - just clean your grout with a rag/brush and soap, let it dry, then paint on the grout renew with a paintbrush that you probably already have lying around your house! Have a cloth or tissue handy to quickly wipe up any mistakes (there will be). 

This Grout Renew can be found at your local Home Depot for $11.97 and is available in a large amount of colors.

Over halfway done!
This was also the day that I discovered (by hearing running water) that we had a pipe burst under the house. 

Enjoy your sparkling, new grout! 

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grilled Veggie Wraps.

As it is with all Pioneer Woman recipes, this one was a hit. I had to add steak so Cameron would eat it, but keeping it vegetarian would be just as good!

Recipe and photo from Pioneer Woman
This recipe makes 6 servings.

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 cups Long Grain Rice

4 cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth

2 whole Limes, Juiced And Zested

1/4 cup Chopped Cilantro

2 whole Zucchini, Cut Into Slices Lengthwise

1 whole Yellow Squash, Cut Into Slices Lengthwise

2 ears Corn, Leaves And Silk Removed

 Olive Oil For Brushing

 Salt For Sprinkling

1 can Seasoned Black Beans (15 Ounce Can)

6 whole Burrito-sized Flour Tortillas

1 whole Small Onion, Finely Chopped

2 whole Roma Tomatoes, Diced

1 cup Grated Monterey Jack Cheese

 Optional Toppings: Salsa, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Extra Cilantro, Hot Sauce

Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add rice and stir around for 2 minutes. Pour in chicken broth and the juice and zest of 1 lime. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, cover, and cook for 20-25 minutes until all the liquid is absorbed. Stir in the juice and zest from the remaining lime, then stir in the cilantro. Set aside.
Brush zucchini and squash slices, along with the ears of corn, with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt. Grill them on a grill pan, a charcoal grill, or saute them in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat, turning them halfway through. Remove when the veggies have great color on the outside. Set aside to cool, then dice them.
Heat the beans in a small saucepan until hot.
Warm the tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds.
To assemble the burritos, lay out each tortilla on your work surface. Spoon on rice, then beans, then sprinkle on plenty of grilled veggies. Top with chopped onion, tomato, cheese, and any other toppings you'd like. Spoon salsa all across the top. Tuck in the sides, then roll the burrito up as tightly as you can. Cut in half and chow down!
You can also do this recipe as a burrito bowl by eliminating the tortilla. 

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