Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nine Months.

Just found this in my drafts! Super behind, obviously. Sorry boys, but you keep me busy!

I feel like there is so much to update on and I'm always worried I'll forget something, so I keep notes in my phone as they pop into my head.


Stats -

Teeth - Travis is currently cutting his top FOUR teeth. No wonder he was so whiny a few weeks ago! Now that they have broken through the surface, they don't seem to bother him as much other than some extra drool and wanting to gnaw on everything.

Words - Still just Dada. Mama is working hard to try to get you to say her name though.

Movement - Getting faster and faster at crawling.  You love to pull up on everything, especially mommy and in your crib! Putting a diaper and clothes on you these days is the equivalent to wrestling a greased pig. You automatically want to flip over. I try to distract you with something, but it only lasts for a second.

Food - You are getting better and better at eating table food and have tried a lot of different things! The only thing you don't like so far is scrambled eggs. I think it's the texture.


Stats -

Teeth - Still just the bottom two, although you are wanting to chew on things more than normal so I'm expecting we'll see some top teeth soon.

Words - Nothing yet. You don't really babble much yet, but you do let out some pretty ear piercing squeals. Cute at home, not so much in public.

Movement - You started crawling about two weeks after your brother. We knew you wouldn't be far behind! You love to pull up on everything, especially mommy!

Food - You do really well at eating table food! We haven't found anything that you won't eat yet. That has pretty much been the norm since day 1. You love your food!

Nickname - A few months ago while you were staying at GrAnn and Grandaddy's house, Grandaddy nicknamed you "Reido Burrito" and it has stuck like glue!

Your personalities seemed to have pulled a switcheroo on us! Travis used to be the chill, observant one and now he wants to be the life of the party. Reid will just sit back and take it all in. This picture is the perfect example. Travis will not sit still!

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