Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Six Months!

Photo from their six month pictures taken by Kelly Conley Photography

At their 6 month check up, Reid weighed 16lbs7oz and was 26" tall. Travis weighed 16lbs3oz and was 26" tall. The nurse had to measure twice because she couldn't believe they were the exact same height and so close in weight!

We started solids around 5.5 months..I was trying to wait until 6 months, but it just seemed so fun! Reid being Reid took to it really well, but Travis didn't want anything to do with it. I didn't force it with Travis, if he didn't want to eat it, I wouldn't make him. Eventually he came around once I started sending the solids to daycare with them. Now he can't get enough! So far they have tried oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and pears.

They are thick into teething. Travis got both of his bottom teeth at the same time right before they turned six months! Reid is still gnawing on everything and it will be any day now before a tooth pops through.

Travis started rolling from back to stomach around 5.5 months and because of that, is now sleeping unswaddled and without his Dock a Tot! The first couple of nights without the Dock a Tot he would wake up randomly whining, but now sleeps the majority of the time on his stomach. Reid is super close to rolling from back to stomach, and I am not rushing him sleeping without his Dock a Tot. For some reason I don't think he'll adjust as well as Travis did. Hoping he surprises me though!

They're also sitting up on their own! I mean, I wouldn't plop them down and walk away by any means, but they can really sit up!! It is so dang cute!

They LOVE bouncing and playing in their Exersaucers and love playing with things they're not supposed to play with, like my pump tubing.

I really love their personalities at this age and can only imagine how much more fun they will get! Travis LOVES Gus and his eyes light up when he comes in the room. Reid always wakes up with the biggest smile on his face and is the most talkative in the morning.

And now some photos from our adventures...

First Easter!

 Tojo's (Cameron's Grandfather) 95th Birthday!

Taylor's 3rd Birthday Party!

Mommy and Reid time
(The only picture so far that I can see that we resemble each other)

A rare occurrence these days...

Hanging out at Frothy Beard Brewery with Aunt Steph

Hanging out with cousin Amanda and Aunt Cindy

Pool day with all of the cousins!
 Reid snuggling with GrAnn

Happy Reid!

Monkey Trav
 Maria's after the pool. Lane and Jack providing entertainment!

 First time in the swing at Aunt Emily's!

After Dad's work push up challenge at Marion Square
(Travis's mean mug cracks me up in this picture)

Hangin' out with Holden at the pool

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