Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Five Months

Now that Travis and Reid are a week shy of turning 6 months, I figured I needed to go ahead and get this very postponed post up! :)

Stats - No stats since we did not have any appointments other than sick visits...and I forgot to document their weights. :)

Eating - Still the same schedule at the 4 month post. Bottles of breastmilk at 7am, 10:30am, 2pm, and 5pm. Formula bottle at 7pm.

Diapers - Size 3. This past month was the first time I actually had to buy diapers thanks to all of our family and friends who hooked us up!  

Clothes - Wearing 6 months clothes! Can squeeze into a few 3-6 months, but probably not for much longer.

Health After what seemed like a month of being sick, we finally cleared that hurdle. Knock on wood. Turned out to be croup for both.

Exciting moments - Travis is suuuuuper close to rolling from back to belly. One little arm always gets in his way! They started at their new daycare April 3rd and we are all loving it so far! Everyone is so friendly and always tells Cameron and I how sweet they are.

Some happenings within the past month..

Songs For Seeds play time with friends!

My parents best friends rented a beach house on Folly for a week, so we went to visit them and all went to the Park Circle St. Patrick's Day celebration, as well!

Reid passed out at bedtime

Travis passed out after play time

The fertility clinic that we went to held a Baby Celebration Day that we went to! Here we are with our doctor, Dr. Slowey!
Celebrating the successes of Gamecock basketball!

First time in the pool!

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