Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! {and a Very Special Birthday}

Good Monday morning to you! We had quite an eventful weekend and I don't foresee the next few weekends in December slowing down either. Christmas parties galore! 

Here is what we did this weekend...

Friday night Cameron's work had their annual holiday oyster roast. I need to find out exactly where they get their oysters from because they are maybe the best I've ever had, year after year. After the party, we went to Voodoo in the Avondale area for a few drinks. If you have never been to Voodoo and ordered the truffle oil tater tots, please go immediately. And pair them with the duck sliders. You can thank me later. :)

Saturday I had to work a wedding and was also hired to set up & coordinate the reception. This is not something I normally do, but if it's a smaller wedding and the price it right, of course I will. The poor bride was so nervous and anxious that her stomach was messed up the majority of the night and actually wound up leaving her own reception early. I felt so bad for her. 
Sunday was a very special day. We celebrated Cameron's grandmother's (whom he calls Rara) 92nd birthday! We ate brunch with her and other family members at the Country Club of Charleston and my chicken caesar salad was delicious!
After brunch, Cameron and I went to go pick out our Christmas tree! He had strict orders on no decorating for Christmas until it turned December. We picked out our tree in beautiful 74* temperature, hence the reason Cameron is wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. :) I had the best time just decorating the house with him and listening to Christmas music.
Did you decorate for Christmas this weekend?


  1. Yall's tree is so pretty! Love the picture of pooch covered in lights!

  2. Your post made me rulll hungry. I need oysters and duck sliders stat.

  3. I'm loving that cake from the wedding (and the birthday party)! Such a cute idea to decorate the marlin!

  4. Wow Cameron's grandmother looks great for 92! The tree looks great!

  5. Hi, fellow SC blogger here. Your dog is so cute in that picture! Cameron's grandmother looks years younger than 92.

  6. I'm convinced Charleston people just have more fun in life. Seriously, you are always doing something!! But your tree decorating night looked like so much fun!!