Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend {80's Party, Baby Shower Supper Club + Birthday Celebration}

Although this weekend, we were constantly covered in pollen, we had great weather and pollen is just a sign that Spring is here! 

This weekend, we encountered our first garden fail. In typical Megan fashion, I thought the landscape place closed at 2pm on Saturday..we pull up at 1:30pm with the trailer hooked up to the truck and the gates are closed. Sign says they close at 12pm. Woops. 

So instead, my mom and I went on a hunt for 80's gear for a surprise birthday party that Cameron and I attended that night, while Cameron did yard work. Goodwill definitely came through for my outfit, but I was disappointed in their men's 80's attire. Come on, Goodwill, update your inventory already! {joking}

Here's what we wore:

It was a blast!


Sunday we had another jam-packed day. 
First up was a supper club get-together to celebrate Baby Mac, who will be making an appearance next month! It was held at a beautiful home on Johns Island that is located on Bohicket Creek. The food, weather, and the company were all perfect. 
They are not finding out the sex of the baby!
The girls
My love
Dallas was so cute when he was playing with Lane!

From Johns Island, we headed to Summerville (felt like Thanksgiving or Christmas all over again with all of the driving back and forth), to celebrate my Grandma's birthday!
See all of the pollen on the table? It had been wiped down probably only 2 hours prior to this picture. 
My sister and I were on the same wavelength that day and bought the same card. You should have seen my face when Grandma Anna was reading the card out loud, knowing that it wasn't my card that she was reading. 

We stuffed ourselves to the brim with salad, grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes, zucchini boats, and chocolate cake. Got home and watched two episodes of Breaking Bad, then it was off to dreamland. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 
I have a feeling mine is going to be very interesting...

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  1. You better have an INTERESTING week!! xo

  2. Ooh lala. Your weekend looks so fun!

  3. Such a fun weekend! I love your 80's gear.
    P.S. I spy a Gamecock tervis ;)

  4. What a fun filled weekend!! Glad you had a good time

  5. PS, I love love love that picture of y'all walking on the dock in front of me. Shows how long it is!

  6. Yay for 80s parties (and that little girl rocking out in the front haha). Fun weekend :)

  7. My sister and I do things like that all the time - buying the same card, wearing almost the same outfit - I take it as a good sign!

  8. Fun weekend! That 80's party looks like so much fun! I love you and your sister got your Grandma the same card!

  9. What a fun weekend! Love the 80s outfits! :)

  10. Love the 80s pic! We used to always hit up Goodwill before date functions in college! sure to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway--it's for a men's belt that I have a feeling Cameron would love!

  11. Such a fun weekend. Love the 80's party outfits! The fringe and the side pony are perfect!