Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five.

Happy Friday, everyone! I had the day off from work yesterday and got to spend some quality time with Emily and Lane. We ate lunch at Olympik deli and browsed around TJMaxx. It was Lane's first time and judging by the picture below, he was obviously very impressed....

I finally decided to find out what all of the hoopla was about with the J.Crew swing sweater. I found a gray linen version, new with tags, on Ebay for $23! It arrived on my doorstep a few days later and I wore it for 2 days straight. It is so roomy and comfortable, that I can definitely see myself picking them up in every color. 
Similar here (on sale) and here
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Don't forget to go through Ebates first and earn 6% cash back! 

I have been on a huge blue cheese kick lately so when I spotted these Laughing Cow light blue cheese wedges the other day at World Market, they immediately went into my basket. Each triangle is only 35 calories, and when paired with cucumber slices, you have a super healthy snack! Also very delicious on crackers.

We got a new washing machine yesterday! Isn't it funny the things you get excited about as you get older? The one we had before was probably just as old as I am and would often bounce around the room if there was a large load inside. Needless to say, a new one was definitely needed. 
We got it from Plugs Appliance Center, a locally owned appliance store, where my dad actually works! So if any of you locals are in need of a new appliance (they also sell mattresses!), ask for Chuck! :)

That's my pops on the right.

Right before Emily had Lane, someone told me about a website called Meal Train. It's a website to help organize meals that are brought to parents who just had a baby, someone who is sick, someone who lost a family member, a new neighbor, an elderly person, or really anyone in need of a little help! It's so much easier than emailing a group of people 340584 times and then having to read back through those emails because you forgot what day you signed up for. As the creator of the Meal Train, you list the person's address, what time they usually eat, any allergies or dietary restrictions, etc. 
Here is an example of what the calendar looks like:

Color-drop stemless wine glass in gold from Anthropologie
I can definitely picture these sitting pretty on my bar. 

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  1. I LOVE my swing sweater! When I first got it, I wore it all the time. It is a great (and comfy) piece to throw in that makes you instantly feel pulled together.


  2. Oh man, I might have to search ebay for a swing sweater. Hopefully I can have the luck you did.

  3. Excuse cheese laughing cow?? I need to leave work and go to a grocery store immediately!
    Those glasses are SUPER cute!!

  4. I have not heard of that cheese! Sweet score on the swing sweater.

  5. And now I am going to the grocery store to buy that blue cheese. After my wedding dress fitting though!

  6. Baby Lane is too cute!! So glad you posted about Ebates, I started using that after seeing it on your blog! Love that sweater!

  7. Such a precious picture of little baby Lane! That sweater looks perfect, so cute! :)

  8. The swing sweater has become a cult obsession. I never even thought to check ebay- good idea!

  9. $23 for the swing sweater?!!? wowzah i need to go on ebay... i just bought two online but im not sure what size i am so we'll see which one fits! have a great weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. I need to know more about this swing sweater! And we've used Meal Train for several families with a new babe--it's wonderful!

  11. Love finding awesome steals on ebay. Here's to a happy weekend! Xx.

  12. Um that glassware is so fabulous!!!

  13. Those Laughing Cow cheeses with cucumbers is the PERFECT mid-day snack... I will def. be looking for the light blue cheese!!

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!! xo

  14. Love me some Laughing Cow - it's so good with apples, too - and those glasses with a little vino would make it just about perfect. See you tonight! XO

  15. That Meal Train website is brilliant! Will be keeping that in mind for sure. I love Laughing Cow but had no idea it comes in blue cheese, another one of my favorites. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! : )

  16. Um , you had me as a follower the minute I read your blog title :) I can't wait to follow along with you!