Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Five: Vday Celebrations, Baby Lane, Credit Card Payoff, Ballet Flats + Good News.

Back for another Friday Five with five things that have made me happy this week! 

Since I have to work an event tonight, Cameron and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night. I had to stop by the grocery store after work, so I picked up Cameron's gifts while I was a there - a 12 pack of Sam Adams Seasonal and some NY strips. Beer + steaks = the way to my man's heart. I also bought him this card since he's been on a bourbon kick lately and he always used to jokingly tell me I was "neat" when we first started dating. Ha.

When I got home from the store, I walked in the door and immediately dropped the groceries. Not because there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the table, but because he got me the gift I had mentioned I wanted one multiple times. A simple letter. It was perfect. 

And then he took me out to a delicious dinner at the Mustard Seed
Love that man. 

Ok, get ready for Lane picture overload. That sweet nugget graced us with his presence Tuesday evening and my phone is already full of pics of him. He's just so perfect!

Ready to go home!

As some of you may have seen on Instagram earlier this week, I paid off another credit card on Monday! Feels so good! That would be #3 out of 6. Only one is a major credit card, the rest being cards like Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, etc that I stupidly opened up in college. Again, I have Cameron to thank for really pushing me to pay these things off. 

Yesterday, Katie posted about some flats from Target and the cognac version caught my eye. My TB Revas are not cutting it any longer. The right shoe will not stay on my heel and I get so frustrated when I wear them. I'm about to take them to a consignment store and swap them out for the Target pair until I can buy the tan TB Caroline's. 
Mossimo Ona Scrunch Ballet Flats
Got some good news Wednesday afternoon and I can't wait to share with y'all if everything works out! Just keep your fingers crossed for me por favor. :)

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  1. paying off debt is the BEST feeling! I'm working on some too, but sometimes it feels like it cannot come fast enough! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on paying off your credit card - that's a wonderful accomplishment and something to be truly proud of! Those flats are a great placeholder until you can buy the TB ones! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I have those Target flats and they are SO comfortable (and gain a gorgeous faux-patina after some wear!) xo

  4. Hope you like the shoes! Hope your good news works out! Lane is so cute. Hope they are all doing well. Score for Cameron!

  5. Beer and steak is the way to my man's heart too. I'm on my way out to get him some beer right now! That's awesome that you got a love letter. I'd take that over a gift any day. And way to go paying off another credit card. I know how amazing that feels. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Those Target flats look like the Lucky Emme flats I always wear. Super comfy! Baby Lane is so adorable! So happy for Emily! Can't wait to hear your news!

  7. Can't wait to find out the good news! Steaks is on our menu for tonight. Cameron is a keeper I'd say. Happy Valentine's Day, lover!

  8. Ha! Love that card. So perfectly "manly" Happy Valentine's Day! Xx.

  9. 1. sell your shoes on ebay. you will probably make more money than at the store. set a reserve.
    2. YOU inspired me to pay off my CC. i just have one (very) large one left haha
    3. such a cute baby
    4. a simple letter is just the best! flowers don't hurt either :)

  10. That's so sweet that Cameron wrote you a letter. I need to ask for that for our one year. Best gift!

    Congrats on your CC payoff! Get that debt gone!

    Yay, glad baby Lane is here! Proud Auntie as you should be!

  11. I feel you on paying down your debt. I have two cards left (honestly I can't even remember how many I started with) but my hubby has encouraged me to pay these suckers down. I wish I never opened them in college!

  12. congrats on paying off your cc! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. I NEED new flats! A trip to target is in order... That card is too funny--I need it for my Kentucky Bourbon Boy ;)

  14. I love fun cards versuses sappy ones. I got David one that says "I love you even though you aggrevate the hell out of me" because he tells me all the time he annoys me on purpose! Lane is precious! And, you paying off your credit cards really makes me want to kick it into high gear after the wedding. Positive thoughts your way!

  15. Love that Cameron wrote you a letter, those are always the best gifts! And congrats on the credit card payoff! That is the best feeling ever.

  16. A handwritten letter?! So sweet and thoughtful! Congrats on paying off the credit card, that is awesome!

  17. Ahhh!! I NEED the "you're neat" card... My hubby would love that!

  18. congrats on baby lane... he is precious! we love babies over here in our house. and way to go on the debt pay-off. thats HUGE!!

  19. LOVE that You're Neat card :)
    And YAYYY for baby lane!!! So exciting!

  20. Yeah for paying off another card. It is an amazing feeling.