Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five - Update on Car Wreck, NYE, Target Clearance, Baby Showers, + Dopplegangers.

First Friday Five post of 2014! 

I received some great news this morning! My car isn't totaled!! It will need about $2,000 worth of repairs, but atleast I don't have to start all over again in the car buying process. Only about a year and a half to go until it's paid off! 
....It looks like I may not have even mentioned my wreck on my blog..long story short, I was turning into my neighborhood the Monday before Christmas in the rain and a guy was turning out at the same time. I was not at a light and he was at a stop sign, therefore I had the right of way and making it his fault. Luckily, no one was hurt, but my car did have to be towed away.

 Our NYE was very laid back this year but full of laughs and good times. We went over to our friends, Kathryn and Chris', house to eat on some ribs Chris smoked on his big green egg, drink champagne, watch the Duke vs. Texas A&M game, play Cards Against Humanity, and watch the ball drop!

Target has some awesome items on clearance right now, making way for all of the Spring items, I assume. I snatched up a gold beverage tub for $17, a table runner for $5 (not online, but in this print), a workout top for $5 (price obviously better in stores), and a cute new pair of pj's for $10. Not too shabby!

I've got two baby showers to attend this weekend and I could not be more excited! First one is tonight and is a co-ed oyster roast shower for our friends Aaron and Caroline who are having a baby girl. Then tomorrow, is the bff's shower that I am co-hosting at her sister's house! Can't wait to show y'all pictures from all of the cuteness!

Yesterday someone commented that she was feeling major Mandy Moore vibes when reading my post. I had to laugh because I have been hearing I look like her since I was in highschool.  I personally don't see it, but I sure do take it as a compliment! 
Do you have a doppleganger??

Although it doesn't really feel like Friday, have a happy happy weekend!

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  1. You DO look like Mandy Moore! And that gold beverage tin? LOVE!

  2. Wow I'm so sorry about your car!! So glad you were okay though! Love that you're a fellow Target clearance shopper.. I'm trying to resist the urge to go back this week... ha! I do see the resemblance between you and Mandy! I've been told I look like Britney Spears (if she had curly hair) but I don't see it at all!

  3. So sorry to hear about your car! Glad everyone is ok and that it was not totaled! I love that beverage tub- perfect in the summer for outdoor entertaining! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Gotta love Target clearance items! Good deals you got!

  5. Andddd I'm going to snatch up a couple of those gold beverage tubs now! Thanks!

  6. Yikes glad the wreck wasn't your fault and everyone is ok. Loving that beverage tub! Target always has good deals if you're willing to look. Happy Friday!

  7. love that pretty tub!! sooo gold! :) xo jillian

  8. So glad I stumbled across your blog from the link-up! We just recently got married as well, so it will be fun to follow along :)

  9. Loving that gold tub! A steal!!! And I haven't noticed the Mandy Moore doppleganger in you before...but now I see it!!!! Vaugely!!! :) And definitely a compliment to Miss Mandy! :)

  10. Found your blog from the link up, and I LOVED the name of it! Adorable, can't wait to read along!

  11. So fun that y'all are going to Caroline and Aaron's shower! Sad I have to miss that one but I will be making the trip back to charleston next weekend to help host another shower for her. Such a small world!

  12. I love finding great deals on clearance items.