Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Years on Tiffany - Living Room.

Back again this week with another installment of Three Years on Tiffany! Today I'll be showing you around the living room. It's obviously the room where we spend the most time, so I am constantly tweaking things in there to try get it just the way I like it. Yet, I still have more I want to do!

Here it is the day Cameron closed on the house.
A lovely shade of salmon.
The hardwood floors were in great condition, and we loved the brick fireplace!
Painted the walls a neutral tan.
Hung a sheet over the window until we bought curtain rods and curtains. Keepin' it classy!
Pay attention to this framed map. You will see it again.

Making some progress..

Couldn't decide on a large rug for the longest time, so the floors went bare for a while.
Hi Brady.

And pictures of how it looks today!
The map was re-framed and matted for our wedding guest book!

What I'd still like to do:
-Paint walls again, this time a lighter color.
-Buy a larger console table to go on wall under map.
-Couch pillows! I am so bad about pulling the trigger and buying some!
-Convince Cameron to put the owl in his office.

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  1. hahahaha the owl! That's too funny

  2. Does Brady not notice that owl ha? Everything else looks so great. Still super jealous of your gold garden stool (?) you got at your shower!!

  3. So I just started reading your blog not too long ago :) Love what you have done with your living room! Just an idea, you could always put that black table that is currently behind your couch on the wall under your map, that would really work well with the size of that wall :) Add those pretty vases and some pictures frames to the top too! Like I said, just an idea :) Love your wall sconces... where are those from?

    1. That is a great idea! Because hello, the sconces (which are from Pottery Barn, btw) are black! I think I will do some rearranging tonight, thanks for the tip! Do y'all think the area behind the couch would look too bare though?

    2. Awesome :) Hope it looks great if you try it, as for behind the couch it will be just a wait and see really... maybe just leave it bare for a few days to see if it grows on you. If not then I am sure you can find something to put back there :)

  4. It's come a LONG way and I LOVE it!!

  5. haha That salmon definitely had to go, I love it!! It looks so cozy!! I agree with Emily, I think you could put the black table under the map. I would probably just scoot the couch back a little once that is gone! :)

  6. looking good, we've been in our house 5 months and its such a work in progress, we've yet to pick out living room furniture, i really love your fireplace and i have the wedding vows book.

  7. Love what you've done! The little feminine touches that you've added like the garden stool and sconces really make a difference. And in true Charleston fashion, I just love that marlin!

  8. Looks great! I love the wedding guest book idea. Might have to steal that... ;)

  9. Ha! I say you just go put the owl in his office one day and see if he even notices!

  10. Love the chair you have in the corner and the run you decided on! Love the feminine touches you've added to the room!

  11. Wow it looks so good! I literally cannot pull the trigger on couch pillows either! I love so many but they are SO expensive!

  12. Gorgeous! I love that fireplace so much!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  13. Love that fireplace! Are your curtains burlap? Either way, could you give me the deets on them?