Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy Weekend.

Good Monday morning and Happy Veteran's Day!

Things have been quite busy around here, which explains the lack of posting. Let's get caught up, shall we?

Thursday after work, we took our annual girls' trip to the fair. We don't ride rides (well, except for the ferris wheel) or pet the animals in the petting zoo - we go to eat. And eat we did.

Corn dogs
Fiske fries
Fried mushrooms
Fried oreos
Fried twinkies
Red velvet funnel cake
Regular funnel cake

As a matter of fact.

Friday I had the day off, so what did I decide to do? Help set up for a wedding. Christmas is coming up, people! Any extra income is a good thing! The ceremony and reception were held at the Legare Waring House and my friend, Stephanie, was their planner. She owns her own company here in Charleston called SweetGrass Events.

Saturday, I had to work an oyster roast that my department threw for our property owners. It was held at Rhett's Bluff, which is where our property owners launch their boats. It turned out to be an awesome event with perfect weather. An event I was really proud to be involved in the planning process!

Sunday, we went to Baby Ashton's dedication at church, visited Cameron's grandmother, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, then went to eat a yummy Fall inspired dinner at my parents' house! Butternut squash soup, brussel sprouts, potato gratin, pork tenderloin, and peach cobbler! SO good.

And my mom just texted me asking why I was so quiet at dinner last night. This is why, mom. :)

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  1. We went to the fair yesterday and only rode the Ferris wheel and one that spins you around. After those 2 we all realized we don't like rides anymore and were content eating and walking around the rest of the time. The fair isn't the same as when you're younger! The oyster roast decorations are so gorgeous! I love how the palmetto tree looks with the lights! Fun busy weekend!

  2. i want oysters. like now. and fried oreos for dessert.

  3. Gorgeous! I think I miss oysters the most, of all the food items from Charleston.

  4. That fair is a huge hit in this area! We have yet to go but the fact that there are red velvet funnel cakes makes me want to run there right.this.instant. haha! Love the decor at the oyster roast, looks like you did an awesome job!! :)

  5. Yay for fair food! Dinner at your parent's sounds amazing and both the events look so pretty (sigh, Legare Waring house).

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend! Great job on both events, they both look like a lot of fun!

  7. omg all that food sounds ahhhmazing. i always loved getting lemonade shake-ups and fudge! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Hello, I love your event photos. I am an ex event planner (currently a stay at home mom). Do you have a preference to corporate, government, conference, wedding, etc?

  9. Oh man, fair food. I love it all too much. Looks like a great weekend!

  10. Fair food, yum!! My mom just made peach cobbler yesterday, too and it was so dang good! Great moms think alike. ; )

  11. Oh my goodness - that weekend! Absolutely gorgeous!

  12. velvet funnel cake?!?!? Why have I never heard of this??? My mouth won't stop watering! The wedding set up is gorgeous! It's my not-so-secret wish to be a wedding planner one day!

  13. What an amazing set up for the wedding. That was so sweet of you to help out with that. Gorgeous!! Happy Monday

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  14. I am so envious of all the parties you plan and attend! Now I'm definitely craving oysters!

  15. what a fun weekend! beautiful wedding - love that location