Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Florist & Updated Checklist!

It's been a little over a month now since I posted the most recent wedding checklist, so I decided to just post it once a month to show you (and mainly myself) what I've crossed off!

Set a date
Book venue
Book photographer
Book band
Ask bridal party to be in wedding
Book caterer & bar
Create wedding website
Book florist
Shop for wedding dress
Book ceremony musician
Book rentals
Take engagement pictures
Select bridesmaid dresses
Make sure bridesmaid dresses have been ordered - by October
Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
Find veil
Book cake baker
Hire coordinator
Buy cake knife & server
Order save the dates
Finalize guest list
Send save the dates - September
Book officiant
Pre-marital counseling - Scheduled for January
Order guest book
Find a reasonably priced videographer
Hotel room blocks
Calligraphy - pay or learn?
Engagement announcement in Post & Courier
MOB & MOG dress shopping
Find wedding shoes - Found them!
Find wedding jewelry
Find garter
Book makeup artist & hair stylist
Menu tasting
Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial – Scheduled for October 25th
1st dress fitting
2nd (final?) dress fitting - Scheduled for September 20th
Make ceremony programs – JCB doing as a gift
Buy bud vases!
Buy a "M" and "C" and paint gold
Figure out where we want to do first look
Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Cameron is getting ready
Who will set up ceremony chairs?
Order invitations - End of September
Address invitations
Mail invitations - January
Book rehearsal dinner venue
Book RD caterer
Book RD rentals
Book RD music
Buy RD dress
Order pom poms for send off
Order koozies
Buy bridal party gifts
Bachelorette party
Buy gifts for parents
Bridal shower
Purchase wedding bands
Create wedding day timeline
Put together picture list for photographer
DIY drink stirrers
DIY signs for River Rd and venue
DIY signs for reserved seating & seat yourself
Hankies for ceremony?
DIY moss letters for bar?
Get marriage license
Book transportation from reception to hotel
Book honeymoon
RD invitations
RD groom's cake
Final vendor payments
Music selections to band and ceremony artist
Book wedding night hotel room
Order thank you notes
Wedding announcement in Post & Courier
Walk down the aisle & say I do!

So as you can see, I FINALLY decided on a florist! I met with THREE florists to make sure I was getting a fair price and to make sure my vision of what I wanted for my flowers was understood.

I wound up choosing..........

First Bloom!

I chose Debi not only because of her great prices (she has a studio at her home so she has little overhead), but because she asked lots of questions so that she could know exactly what I was looking for. She brought along multiple flowers books to our meeting incase I didn't know what a specific flower looked like (which in a lot of cases, I didn't), and even drew sketches of what certain arrangements would look like together! I felt really confident when I left that meeting. I also knew someone who used Debi for her own wedding and she raved about her experience working with her, so I knew I was on the right track!


220 days to go!


  1. Congrats! That's a TON accomplished! (Even though it may not feel like it and all you see is what's left..) You've got plenty of time!

    1. Thanks Amanda! All the big things are pretty much done. It's those sneaky little things that are going to slow me down. :)

  2. Megan! Who are you using for invitations? The company that we are using offers caligraphy at a very reasonable price -- you can request samples to see the quality too. Check out Reave's Engraving. Also what kind of videographer are you looking for (full on production or just to have the ceremony recorded)??? I may have an option for you! We are so on the same page -- my wedding is April 6th.

    1. Hi Shannon! Your email address wasn't linked to your comment so I couldn't email you back. I'm ordering my invitations from Delphine Press. Thanks for the information on Reave's Engraving - their prices are reasonable! I have to order my invitations soon b/c of a coupon code I have that is expiring at the end of September so I think I will have PLENTY of time to do them myself. :) Videographer wise, I'm wanting someone pretty much all day. Getting ready, ceremony, reception, send off, etc. Let me know who you've got in mind! My email address is if you want to email me directly! I'd love to chat with you about your wedding, too! :)

  3. It must feel great to be getting so much accomplished, your big day will be here before you know it!

  4. You are doing so well on your list! Ahh I love those flowers, so pretty and elegant.

  5. Gorgeous! And you are making some serious progress on the list! Good work!

  6. My email is I would love to chat!

  7. looks like you are crossing things off the list! So much fun {and stressful} planning a wedding! Love the blog! xo

  8. I totally based my wedding list off of yours and I hope you don't mind. I loved the idea - I had seen something similar before on other blogs but I used yours as my "template". I found your blog when I was searching for other March brides and I've enjoyed reading it!

  9. Hi Megan, I ran across your site while visiting another and noticed the name of your blog and it caught my attention. My husband and I are heading to Myrtle Beach, SC next week the one food item I am craving is fried pickles. We always get them while we are there and I cannot wait for them. So, it was like I was meant to visit your site. Congratulations on your engagement. After reading down your list of details it sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

  10. So exciting you picked your florist! It's nice to get those big things crossed off! The next few months are when I started to feel like wedding planning wasn't so hard. It's too soon to do all the teeny things but you've already done the big things. Have fun with it all! I'm a little sad it's all over for me.

  11. Planning a wedding is SO much fun! At the time, some moments can feel like a chore, but its all worth it! You are in great shape with 220 days to go!

  12. Love the soft flower colors! They are so romantic and will just be so beautiful on your actual day!