Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday (Continued): Bachelorette Party - Day Two.

Not gonna lie, most of Day Two was spent in recovery mode. I was hurtin' from Friday night.

PS - Most of you commented on the panty wreath from yesterday that Emily made.  I can't find an actual tutorial on it, but it looked like she just bought one of those straw wreaths with the plastic still on it and tied each panty on it with a piece of ribbon.

We made our way to the beach finally after Shelby & Frankie cooked a yummy breakfast for everyone. The beach was HOT. Once I got into the water I started to feel better. The water there is so much clearer and doesn't make you feel all sticky when you get out! Some of us eventually decided to go up to the room and cool off / take naps to get ready for Saturday night. That's where this pic came from that my sister took. I felt 80% better after that nap!

The theme of Saturday night? NEON!!!!

Everyone looked so good! I, on the other hand, looked like I should be standing on a street corner. Meh, oh well. It's only your bachelorette party once right??
We ate dinner at Tower 7, which is a Baja Mexican restaurant. While we waited 1.5 hours for our table, we took lots of pics.
My sister (left) made my sash! Isn't is cute?!?

Supper Club ladies.
Cameron wanted some chips, salsa & a Corona.
After dinner, we hopped in some vans and took a 20 minute ride to downtown Wilmington to do some more bar hopping.
The owner of the first bar we went to sent over a bottle of champage! Thanks bud!
We make neon look GOOD.
Leslie was the only mom on the trip. She definitely let loose while her hubby was watching Emilee. :)
The next (and last) place we went to was Level 5. It's called Level 5 because it's literally on the fifth floor of the building. And you don't take an elevator to get up there. My legs were burning halfway through the trek. This was my favorite bar we went to when we went on Katie's bach, so I knew I wanted this place to be our main stop.
Apparently this hat has something to do with 30 Shades of Grey. But since I still haven't read it, I had no clue.

"Jenny" tried to come along on the trip since the real Jenny couldn't, but that boinker got my zip code wrong and she didn't get delivered on time! :(

Thanks again to all of my girls who made my weekend so special and FUN!


  1. Oh my goodness, it looks like it was a have super fun friends! The neon is awesome looking! Good idea over the usual everyone wears black but the bride.

  2. Love the neon idea! May have to use that for a friend's bachelorette in March!

  3. Love all the neon. The sash is really cute. Super sweet of your sister! That man with the tats -- I can't decide if he looks super nervous or super excited to be in the picture. Probably both!

  4. LOVE your dress! where is it from? hilarious idea to have you in the bed with your "fiance".

  5. belong on the street you do NOT- I love that sparkly dress! Anything with glimmer and glam is A-ok in MY book!!! And the neon theme was AWESOME!

  6. Aww! Love all the Bach pictures! Now go read fifty shades so you can learn what the hat represents! :)

  7. Pretty Girls!!
    I love Tower 7 but why is there always a wait!?
    The sash is awesome!

  8. Oh my gosh, how fun!! Looks like a great party!

  9. so cute! loved those neon heels :)

  10. LOVE the neon idea!! And I too am wearing a gold sparkle dress! YAY!