Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Loving.

-It's Friday and it's the day after a Gamecock win! Not the prettiest win, but a win is a win!

-Here's your feel good video for the day. This has got to be one of the cutest videos ever! I just love that they look at each other right when he starts playing. :)
-My friend (and hair extraordinaire), Kady, is preggo and went to the doctor yesterday to find out whether she's having a boy or a girl! BUT her and her husband decided not to peek until their gender reveal party on Saturday! I'm going to stalk Facebook so hard Saturday night at 7pm!! For the record, I'm guessing a boy.

-Speaking of pregnant friends, my other friend, Alyssa, is going to have a baby boy any day now!
Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend!
What are your plans??


  1. Agree girl! A Win is a win... but dang can we please make sure Connor's shoulder is OK- we can't handle him getting injured!

    GO COCKS!!!

  2. Isn't that video of the twins adorable. My friend sent it to me the other day and I keep playing it over and over again lol. xo

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  4. That was one tough win last night lady... rest up for when we play yall. GO DAWGS!

  5. Happy long weekend! I'll be spending the weekend seeing my youngest sister become a WIFEY! Crazy!

  6. Love the jersey on your dog! I have jerseys for mine too! The video of the twins is so precious & I agree my favorite part is when they look at eachother and then start dancing back and forth! Have a great weekend!