Monday, August 13, 2012

PGA Sunday!

For all of you who live in Charleston, you know that the PGA Championship was on Kiawah Island last week. And as yall may or may not know, I work on Kiawah (for the community association, not the resort)! Leading up to the tournament, we really didn't know what to expect! Of course we knew that a TON (30,000 a day) people would be coming to our small 13 square mile island, but we still weren't sure of it were going to be crazy or what. I'm happy to say that it was not that bad traffic wise (for me, anyway). There were 200 large busses that hauled spectators from off the island to The Ocean Course, which helped greatly with the flow...except for that one yesterday that tried to make a turn, got stuck and wound up stopping traffic to the course for 90 minutes! Oops.

Cameron and I weren't planning on going just because golf really isn't our thing. But I ended up getting two free tickets from work so I said, why not? When will this ever happen again?!?

Here's a small recap of our day:

Vijay Singh on hole 17

Dad & Mom

Resting in between rounds.

Up close and personal with Bubba Watson, winner of this year's Masters Tournament.

A better view of Bubba. :)
Ian Poulter (in white) on hole 9..he was giving McIlroy a run for his money for a few holes.

And because it was Sunday, and we were hungry, we hit up Maria's on the way home.

PS - Big thanks to everyone who commented on my rug dilemma! We do want to go the next size up but would have to wait until the end of September to receive it because it's on backorder! I'm going to call Ballard today to see if they can do anything about that.


  1. Fun! We were there yesterday too! If I ever get out of my post-Vacation funk, I'll get up a recap. P.S. - your bachelorette party looked awesome!

  2. This looks like fun! I love your pictures :) My boyfriend drags me to the Quail Hollow PGA tournament whenever it comes to town. I've actually learned to enjoy going to them!

  3. I was sitting on one of the buses while the one was stuck in a ditch! Take a little PGA lunch break!

  4. You two look adorable! You got great pics!

  5. beautiful shots!