Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Happily Ever BorroWED

Similar to Rent the Runway, Happy Ever BorroWED let's brides (or whoever, really!) rent out accessories for their big day! Everything from sashes, veils, jewelry, and more! You pay a significantly discounted price, they mail you the jewelry for a 5 day period, and then you send it back! Your "something borrowed" is taken care of!  
(Jen - I wish we would have known about this before your wedding when you were trying to find a belt!)

Starlet Belt
Retail Price - $450, Rental Price - $70
Jasmine Pearl Band
Retail Price - $429, Rental Price - $45
Pom Pom Flower
Retail Price - $145, Rental Price - $30
Justine 45" Corded Lace Veil
Retail Price - $395, Rental Price - $70
Claudia Veil
Retail Price - $345, Rental Price - $50
Charlotte Headband
Retail Price - $495, Rental Price - $80
Carrie B Necklace
Retail Price - $375, Rental Price - $55
Diana Earrings
Retail Price - $200, Rental Price - $30

I'm kind of digging the earrings! What do you think about renting these types of items for your wedding day? Yay or Nay?


  1. Why Not? I love these things! So pretty and something that you would rarely/never wear again! :)

  2. that's so interesting- i have never heard of anything like that! i don't think i would have been able to do it with my veil, but i think it could be totally fun for jewelry and/ or accessories!

  3. Oh my goodness,I haven't heard of that site before but I am definitely going to check it out now. I've been looking for some earrings! Awesome post!

  4. Thanks for the lovely write-up Megan!

    Love, Laughter & Happily Ever Afters,
    Happily Ever BorroWED

  5. Well yes that would have been good! Oh well, my homemade one turned out just fine. Right in the nick of time! haha

  6. I know we're talking about the jewelry, but I would rent that first dress in a HOT second!! Wowzers!