Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Culinary Challenged - A Guest Post

Hi friends! I’m Ashley and I blog over at Run With Me.
I’m one of those girls call “culinary challenged.” Which is why I love Megan’s blog so much. I love looking at all the pics of her latest creations and delicious recipes. Girl whips up Horseradish Crusted Ribeye and Zuchinni Cakes like it’s no big deal.

When I met up with her a few weekend’s ago, we talked about the Supper Club she participates in…..sounds like a fun idea right? You go to someone’s house and have dinner with 10 of your other friends. So.Much.Fun. With the exception that… some point….those 10 people show up at your doorstep expecting to be fed! 

I think performing in front of a  crowd of 10,000 or going to church in a bikini would produce far less anxiety in me than cooking for people. (Case in point, I’m going to a pot luck in a few weeks and already finding ways to cheat cater my way out of it!)

I’m one of those girls that had a meal plan all through college…..even when I lived off campus! I consider pop-tarts and orange juice a well-balanced meal and dinner that does not start out with a plastic sheet over the top of it is a rare thing in my house.

But since I’ve been “on my own” as they say, I’ve picked up a few of my own kitchen insights…which I thought I’d share today:

#1 When cooking a frozen dinner, never go by the time on the back of the box. For instance, turkey sausage – they will say to warm it up for 60 seconds. At 60 seconds….it might possibly still be gobbling. You will need to cook it for at least 3 minutes. Perfecting the perfect nuke time is an acquired skill.

#2 When cooking chicken on the George Foreman… order to ensure it is thoroughly cooked, wait for a nice black charred look.

#3 BIG one – things like eggs, orange juice and even soup expire…crazy!

#4 Garlic salt is a very tasty mask should anything happen to be approaching the “unedible” line.

*Key: When using the term “cooking,” in 9 out of 10 cases, it means using the microwave.

And now….I know what you’re all thinking… can hardly wait for Megan to come back and blog about REAL kitchen tips right? too.
Hope you’re having an amazing time Megan and I can’t wait to hear all the amazing dishes you tried!

Thanks for having me!
XO, Ashley


  1. That is such a cool post:) Wish you both a lovely day

  2. haha Ashley I feel ya...

    I am culinaryily challenged as well (and apparently grammatically challenged)

    I've made lasagna twice.. and it was edible... so obviously I'll just send you one for that potluck. You're welcome haha

    Megan, your blog is adorable!


  3. ha! youre too funny ashley... and believe it or not i kinda want a poptart now. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. Oh how I've missed both you and Ashley!!!

    Great post lady :)

  5. hahaha!! oh poptarts, i crave them way too often to be a true food blogger :)

    love your cooking tips - remaining fed and happy is all that counts!

  6. Oh girlfran, I am right there with you. microwave meals. Every.single. night.

    i was given TWO cookbooks last year. One from austin, One from my dad. Ummmmm…are they trying to tell me something?

    And just so you and rissy know- i attempted to make lasagna for austin last year. i forgot to add the PIZZA sauce. i cried.

    i was so upset. we had to pull it out of the oven and put it on top of the lasagna, which just made it awkward to eat.

    I do happen to snag all the quick recipes from publix. I need to learn to cook.

  7. haha. i love this post. it is absolutely hilarious!

  8. a supper party! omg that sounds like a blast!! ashley i will cook for you (it might not be as extravagant as megans haha BUT you might like it!)

    Meal plans=LIFE SAVER

    haha ashley you are amazing. cooking is so overrated sometimes...but im the type of person that if i cook something that comes out really good, ill brag about it for DAYS hahahah

    awesome blog megan!! now following! :-)