Saturday, August 27, 2011

GameDay Essentials

Hey y'all! I am Ashton - the girl behind Soulshine and one of the Belles on The Belles of Saturday.  I am happy to be guest posting for Megan while she is cruising to Bermuda Key West and Cozumel.  Megan and I are sorority sisters.  She was a senior when I was a freshman.  I blog about my life as a law student.  Jana and I started TBS to bring together our love of football and GameDay fashion.  With a week until the first Saturday of football, I am more than excited and ready for the season to start.  In preparation for next weekend, I have put together a list of GameDay essentials.

Pack light, but pack the necessities.  For games, I try to pick a small purse that will hold a lot.  I found this Dooney & Burke crossbody towards the end of last season.  It frees up your hands for adequate cheering and jumping up and down.

North/South Triple Zip
 It comfortable fits my phone, camera, small wallet, coin purse, fold-up brush, lip glosses, hand sanitizer, keys, travel powder, and pony tail holders.  The bare essentials are all you need for GameDay anyway.

Wear comfortable shoes OR bring a back-up pair.  I usually start my day out with my Jacks and end it with my rainbows.  I love my Jacks, but they kill my feet after walking around all day.  I especially love the new collegiate line of Jack Rogers.

Garnet & Black...anyone?
Speaking of walking around, a tailgating game plan is key.  I am not talking about your tailgate spread.  I am tailgating about your plan of attack for all the tailgates you are going to visit.  Map out your route.  Check with the people hosting to see what is on the menu.  If they are planning on cooking on the grill or throwing together a pot of lowcountry boil, you will want to make sure you time it right.  Does that sound bad?  No, if they invited you over, they want you to share in the food.  Remember to bring food or drinks of your own to share with everyone.  Game time is another thing to consider.  You will probably want to visit the furtherest away place first and make your way towards to the stadium with each pit stop.

Stay hydrated and fueled.  When I was in college and attending mostly fraternity tailgates, I would always carry a snack or two in my purse since food was not the highlight of the tailgate.  Just some goldfish or crackers.  Drink plenty of water, especially for those first few games in September.  It is still hot as blazes.

It goes without saying proper GameDay attire is the most important thing.  I would slash do search high and low for the perfect GameDay outfits.  I start planning back in May.  I wish I had $5 for every LBD I owned in college.  Part of our goal on TBS is to give everyone more options readily available for GameDay.  Personally, I am not officially ready for GameDay until I have game face on.

I hope this helped everyone get ready for GameDay.  Best of luck this season!  


  1. I love it, Ashton! Your tailgating tips are perfect! I never knew you and Megan were sorority sisters!

  2. so cute!! but im confused, do y'all have a site or blog about game days?

  3. Haha i agree got to have your "game face" on! Great post, I'm so ready for next saturday... ROLL TIDE!

  4. GREAT Post! love that cross body bag....after being the odd man out, i think i need some JRs!

  5. Yeah for college football! I live in Los Angeles, but went to OU for a year. So I count that as "my school" when it comes to cheering for someone. Err.. that counts, right? Right??

    boomer sooner!