Monday, February 21, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard Weekend

This weekend I definitely put to use the saying "work hard, play hard."

Friday after work I went with Frankie, who was in town from North Carolina, to California Dreaming to enjoy some $1.95 adult beverages. Was just supposed to stay for an hour tops, but wound up staying for atleast 3. Her family was up there, as well, and they are VERY entertaining. :) Left there and met up with Cameron at his co-worker, Matthew's, surprise 30th birthday celebration.
Birthday Boy
Saturday we were up around 10am despite being hungover because it was the day we've been waiting for since December! Our new couch from Haverty's was being delivered! And I'm pleased to say that the delivery experience went much smoother than the original pick up fiasco. After they left we put on our tennis shoes and went outside to enjoy the sunshine and rake a few a LOT of leaves.

After we got the front yard finished it was time to get ready for Kady & Kyle's wedding! It was the PERFECT day for a wedding! Seriously, 75 degrees and sunny in February?!? That just doesn't happen. The wedding was a lot of fun and Kady was gorgeous, as expected! 

Perfect sunset, Perfect dress from Rent the Runway, Perfect date

The Mr & Mrs!

After the wedding a lot of our friends were going to The Music Farm to see the Michael Jackson cover band, Who's Bad, so we decided to join! We both had never seen them before but quickly found out what the hype was all about. The place was PACKED and the band was AWESOME. Will definitely be seeing them next time they're in town! I didn't take any pics at the concert, but I did manage to get a video of "World's Drunkest Girl." PS - this video was AFTER she face planted off the front of the stage.

Sunday we tackled the back yard's leaves, cleaned the house, made a quick trip to the grocery store and whipped up some yummy treats for my dad's birthday. Keep your eye out for tomorrow's Tasty Tuesday recipe because it is going to be a GOOD one. 
43 bags of leaves!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too! Officially jealous if you have the day off from work today!


  1. What a fun weekend! Y'all were super productive, 43 bags of leave? Yikes.

  2. i love that are so pretty!
    and dang....43 bags!?! thats nuts...i would not want to rake all of that!

  3. get it. ha

  4. oh my gosh LOVE your dress!! so so cute! and way to go on all the raking... clearly it needed to be done! :)

  5. $1.95? Nice! And you look gorg in that one shoulder number!

  6. the dress is perfect and looks great on you.

    and that drunk girl needs friends to stop her.

  7. LOVE your dress. i really need to try RTRW! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  8. Love the dress! It looks great on you. How was your rent the runway experience...thinking about getting one from there for Barrister's Ball. I walked by MF on Saturday and was wondering who was playing. If you and Cameron are free next weekend...I will pay you to rake the leaves in my yard...ugh!

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!! You two look awesome in that picture, just beautiful! I'm working today too... let's hope your day is going well!

  10. 43 bags of leaves?! Oh my! That's A LOT of work!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's recipe! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  11. You looked so pretty! Sounds like a really fun weekend! :)

  12. i already liked this pic on facebook....but you look gorgeous!!!

    and holy crap - that's a ton of leaves!

  13. Wow... it looks like you had such a fun weekend! Mine was so mundane and boring filled with work and class work... bleh. I love you rent the runway dress, the color is adorable. And the wedding sounds like fun... I love getting dressed up for weddngs, especially when it is a good friend's.