Thursday, February 3, 2011

CSN Wall and Art Decor

(Sorry for the re-post)

Now that Cameron and I are settled into the house and the living room is complete (minus a rug) it's time to start putting some pictures on the blank walls and filling every nook and cranny with knick knacks! Where is the first place I look? CSN of course! I've acquired some CSN Rewards from previous purchases and won another $30 credit to CSN yesterday! The possibilities are endless of what I can buy! Here are a few things I bookmarked from their wall art and decor section. . .

CAKE - Node Bowl

Graham & Brown - Peony Canvas Art

Graham & Brown - Paintable Small Squares Wallpaper in White

(I think this would look really cool on a ceiling!)


Graham & Brown - Sailing Ships Framed Print Art - 16" X 16" (Set of 2)

PLYprints - Love Heart by Alexander Girard

Kenneth Wingard - Reed Bottle Ice Pop

Kenneth Wingard - Cobble Pillar Vase/Pillar Holder

And last but certainly not least...

iittala - Alvar Aalto 3.5" Water Green Bowl

(Are you seeing what I'm seeing??)


  1. Wait what are CSN Rewards? Do you just earn free stuff when you make purchases? How does it work?

  2. I thought the same thing about the bottom picture. haha

  3. hahaha! yes, im seeing - how the h@!! could you miss it?? love the bowl and the print - Happy Shopping!

  4. love love! and yes weird pic at bottom-you would want! kidding

  5. that paint-able wallpaper is awesome!

  6. Here's your Stylish Blogger award you stylish, creative girl you!

  7. please, i can make you a pretty picture on canvas. just let me know what you want. ps my friend kina is a wonderful artist...i bet she could do something for yall

  8. Love that painting..I need to shop CSN more..I always forget about it.

  9. Hey Megan!... Love the bowl at the top, I almost bought a silver one just like it last weekend!

  10. the second picture with the painting is my favorite!!

  11. LOVE that peony painting and the blue bottles. v pretty stuff. xoxo jcd