Monday, January 3, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

- I am so behind on reading blogs / posting, it is stressing me out. Cameron doesn't have the internet yet at his house so the only time I can read / post is at work. On top of that, my camera is acting up so it's been difficult to upload pics. 

- I was planning on doing a Christmas post, but as previously mentioned, my camera started acting up so here goes a quick recap: Cameron and I were super impatient and decided to open our stockings on Thursday! We decided not to get each other anything other than stocking stuffers since he just bought a house. I stuck to the plan, he cheated. I finally got my Michael Kors watch! Christmas Eve we went to my step-grandmother's house for a drop in, church with Cameron's family, then to my Grandma Charlotte's house for dinner and presents. Spent the night at Cameron's house (first time EVER not sleeping at my parents house on Christmas Eve. Tear.), woke up bright and early to drive to my parents house to open presents (parents ALSO got me the Michael Kors watch. Oops, my bad.) and eat my mom's traditional breakfast casserole, went to my Grandma Anna's house for an early dinner and open more presents, and finally our last stop was to Cameron's parent's house for a second dinner (stretchy pants were needed) and even more presents! The next morning there was one more stop, to Cameron's grandfather's house for their traditional breakfast and opening of presents. It was a GREAT Christmas and we even had some snow flurries the day after! Hopefully my camera will be nice and let me upload a few pics to use on the second half of my 2010 recap.

- The 27th birthday. Having your birthday 4 days after Christmas is not always fun. Sometimes, but not always. This year, not so much. You see, my birthday was on a Wednesday this year and when do you usually celebrate your birthday? On a Saturday (I do, anyway). The Saturday before my birthday = Christmas. The Saturday after my birthday = New Years Day aka Recovery Day.  So I sucked it up and celebrated on my actual birthday this year. By going bowling with about 20 of my friends! It turned out to be a lot of fun and I'm so grateful for everyone that could make it! Emily brought me my traditional red velvet cupcake from Cupcake (plus a nice present!) and I saw lots of friends that I hadn't seen in months!

- Friday for lunch, Emily and I met up with Jenny and Tim at Taco Boy since they were in town from Greenville. Living 3 hours away, we don't get to see them very often so we hopped on the chance to catch up with them while they were in town! Go here to read Tim's story.

- Last night we celebrated my birthday, along with my Grandma Charlotte who I share a birthday with, again with most of my family at my parents house. Cameron's parents also came and met the rest of my family they hadn't met yet, which was lots of fun! I hope to put up pics of my birthday celebrations in my 2010 recap, also. 

- I've hit 100 followers! Woohoo! Thank you to all of my followers! I never thought I'd hit 100 followers with my random posts and babbling. :)

- I haven't set exact resolutions, they're pretty vague. Drink more water, start working out again, wear makeup to work everyday (ha, I am such a slacker), PAY OFF CREDIT CARDS! Did you set any resolutions??


  1. Sounds like you had a fun couple weeks! Happy Belated Birthday!

    Also, I have been dying for some Taco Boy, so I am very, very jealous! Ha!

  2. my friend sandi had a bowling party for her b-day a few years ago. it was the most fun!

    and congrats on 100 followers (103 now)! i love reading your random babbling. :)

  3. I still haven't gotten Taco Boy out of my head...I want that Tempura Shrimp taco sooo bad! :)

    So good to see you & the new house. Love it & you too (& Cam & Brady :))!!

  4. I hear you on the birthday celebrations.
    I don't wear make up to work very often. I might have to start being better about it.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy Birthday a few days late! I barely blogged on my break but I am back! You had a fabulous Christmas...yay! I too had the first Christmas Eve ever not at my parents house. It was really strange!

    Glad you are back!