Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Question Friday!

What's the best thing about Five Question Friday?? Um, the fact that it's FRIDAY!
No big plans for the weekend. Going to the Charleston Boat Show tomorrow and working Sunday.  I'm actually looking forward to working on Sunday because that means I get to catch up on my reality tv! :)

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?
Ha, you want the short version or the long version? Well, I'll tell you both and you can decide how much you want to read. :)

Short version - We met through a mutual friend, Joe. I went to high school with him and Cameron lived with him in college. 

Extended version - I don't know why, but I'm sometimes shy / a little embarrassed to tell this story, even though I shouldn't be. Anyway, so a group of guys called the Palmetto Society have a big oyster roast every year (among other events) to raise money for a local charity. I got invited to the event via Facebook, confirmed that I would be attending and then was looking to see who else would be there. 

I came across a rather handsome young man and being the nosy curious type of person that I am, I clicked on his profile. I saw that he was from the Charleston area and we had a LOT of mutual friends. One of our mutual friends, Joe, had recently gotten married so I decided to send him a congratulatory message and then at the end of the message, squeezed in the fact that I thought his friend Cameron was attractive. :)

A few days had gone by, Joe had written me back thanking me for the message and that he would put in a good word for me to Cameron. The nerves started to kick in. What if he didn't think I was pretty? (I immediately changed my profile picture to what I thought was the best one of me.) What if he was already dating someone? I waited and waited to hear something and then on Saturday, November 15, 2008 while I was getting ready to go watch the USC vs. Florida football game at a friend's house, I checked my Facebook and there was a message in my inbox...

It said "Just wanted to say hi to my new friend..." (I still have it saved in my inbox, btw.)

I tried not to respond too quickly, but I only held out for 17 minutes. Way to play it cool, Megan. 
He was all I could think about during the game..which turned out to be a good thing because the Gators kicked our butts. Went home after the game and immediately checked my FB to see if I had a new message. I did! I already had plans to go out that night so I sent him a message back, giving him my phone number and told him to call me if he wanted to meet up. No shame in my game! 

Playing cornhole during halftime. Hours before I met Cameron for the first time. :)
He texted me later to see where I was hanging out, and we decided to meet up at Johnson's. On the walk there, my friends decided that they wanted to go to Trio, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! I went to Johnson's by myself. While I was walking in, I ran into a group of guy friends and in that mix, happened to be my most recent ex. We didn't date that long and it wasn't an awful breakup so it wasn't that awkward, but it did make me a little nervous. I was scared he was going to try to interfere if he knew why I was there. 

I went to go sit at the bar to wait on Cameron and his friends, and Taylor (name has been changed) sat next to me. "Oh GREAT", I thought. We chatted for a little bit and then I looked to my right - there was Cameron. Butterflies! Nervousness! I went up to him and hugged him as I said hello. I don't know why I did it, but it just felt natural. 

I went and sat back down next to Taylor* because I didn't want to be rude (his friends had also left at this point), Cameron came, too. Here I was, sandwiched between an ex and a guy that I liked. AWKWARD!! I didn't mention to either of them who the other guy was, other than their names, because that would have caused tension and again, awkwardness. 
After the bar, Cameron invited me over to his place because him and some friends were going to be hanging out. I went, played Mario Kart on the Wii, and I went home around 5am. 

Earlier in the night I mentioned that I really wanted to go skeet shooting. Well, Cameron invited me to go the very next day at his parents house with about 10 of his friends. And the rest is history.........

Sorry for SUCH a long answer..this probably could have been a post in its own. If you've made it this far, props to you.

2. What is your favorite room in your house?
The living room. It's the hub of the house. TV to watch, couch to lay on with a comfy blanket and a fireplace to warm me up = perfection.

3. Can you wiggle your ears?
No, and I probably looked ridiculous trying to see if I could. 

4. What is your evening ritual?
Come home from work, change into comfy clothes, clean up if need be, cook dinner, watch tv, brush teeth (always) / wash face (sometimes), get under 53058483 blankets and go to sleep. Sometimes I'll take a shower the night before work if I have to be there super early.

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
7-8. More if I could. I like my sleep. A lot. 


  1. aww, I didn't know the long story. That's super cute. You are such a dork.

  2. Megan...I LOVE this post! Maybe my fav of yours! I love stories of how people meet! The whole fb message thing is funny and I think it is great that you hugged him when you saw him the first time! How fun that you went skeet shooting the next day with him! So perfect!! :)

  3. I love your story about meeting Cameron! It sounds like it all worked out for the best.

    Happy Weekend! :)

  4. I forgot to add on my evening ritual that pajamas go on as soon as i get home from work

    have a great weekend.

  5. hahah aww that story! i love it. you are cuuuuute!

  6. I love your meeting Cameron story...too cute :)

  7. That story is awesome! Who know you were so risky. Maybe I should take some notes. ;-)

  8. what a sweet story about you and your hubby! hope you have a fantastic weekend with Cameron after you get out of work :) xoxo {av}

  9. I LOVE that you still have that saved message! (That is totally something I would do).

  10. here's mine

  11. Oh my gosh! This is such a sweet sotry. I love hearing stories like this. :)
    That mustve been akward, Im glad your ex didnt try and interfere or anything like that! I guess things just worked out perfectly. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. aww your love story is story is so cute! my evening ritual sounds just like yours!

  13. I love the story of how y'all met.

  14. such a cute story! I love that you waited a whole 17 minutes to respond...haha!
    Cute blog!

  15. I love your blog and I’m following you now! Thank you also for the sweet comments you have left for me :)

    That is such a cute story of how you met Cameron! I love that you changed your profile pic. I probably would have done the same thing…lol. It figures that something awkward like the meeting between Cameron and the ex would happen, but you handled everything very well.

    The living room is my favorite too. Now all I need is a fireplace. That is a must have in my next home.

    Our evening rituals are also very similar and I’m need my sleep too!

  16. Okay, I love the extended version of your answer to #1. Seriously so cute and adorable!