Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So, I admit. My creative juices have run out for Wordless Wednesday. Therefore, I'm now jumping on the "What I'm Loving Wednesday" bandwagon from Jamie's blog. Hope yall enjoy the switcheroo!

I'm loving how up close and personal I came to this little guy this morning..

I'm loving pumpkin bread for breakfast. 

I'm loving that tonight is supper club with these great ladies and their husbands. Yes, Cameron and I are the only un-married, un-engaged couple. Still fun! 

I'm loving the fact that Thanksgiving is just over a week away!

I'm loving that next weekend will be jam packed with the Carolina / Clemson game and our 2 year anniversary! :)



  1. Ummm that super close to be to that deer! How cool! Explain the supper club?! Sounds cute :) LOVE ur blog!

  2. Supper fun!! What are y'all doing for the big 2 years?

  3. I love pumpkin bread too! I jsut found your blog from WILW and I am now a follower! I am a fellow SC girl but graduated from the orange school but my husband graduated from USC.

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    Hope y'all had fun at supper club!

  5. Thanks again for your purchase the other day :) I'm looking forward to the Clemson - Carolina game as well. How fun that you get to celebrate your 2 year anniversary on the same weekend!