Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday in Blackberry Pics

8am - Woke up to my neighbors having a garage sale and a disrespectful customer parked in my yard. HOW RUDE!
9am - Since I was going out of town around 1pm, my assigned task for the day was to paint the entire master bedroom. Took me about 2 hours. Sorry for the crappy lighting.
12pm - I think Brady knew I was getting ready to leave him. :(
No clue what time this is. Probably around 7pm. Watching our embarrassment of a game.


  1. Brady is cute! Is he named after Tom Brady? (: My husband grew up in G-town, so we are there pretty often!

    Sorry about the Gamecocks... the Pack got beat too. It was a sad Saturday...

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  3. Brady looks so cute in the bed! Can't believe that giy parked his truck in your yard...horrible!