Monday, August 9, 2010

Sandbar Sunday

Yesterday was a standard Sunday - we hopped looked for the key to the boat lift for about an hour, only to find out that it was on the boat. Once we finally found the key, we loaded up and drove the short distance to the good ol' sandbar.

I wasn't expecting a big turn out of fellow boaters, assuming everyone would be hungover from the Rockville Regatta on Saturday, but there was actually a good crowd! Cameron's friend, Justin, had a boat full of of people and the BFF met us out there, too! Jason's boat ran out of gas so we had to tow him back to the dock..didn't make it home until around 10pm, which means getting out of bed this morning was NOT easy.
My Seester, Emily & Me

my cute fellas :)
This is what happens when I ask Cameron to put sunscreen on my back


  1. Hahaha, loove the sunscreen picture ;-)

    We're taking the boat out on the lake again this weekend-- can't wait... isn't it nice??

  2. The sunscreen pic cracks me up.

  3. Sounds like a BLAST!! We haven't rode out to the sandbar in a couple years. :( Such good times!!

  4. wow, i'm white and not cute at all. thanks for pointing that out. and that was a good pic i took of you w/ the sunscreen :)