Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The road to 27 dresses..

Saturday as I was leaving the grocery store, I got a very exciting text from my good friend, Jenny, saying "I'm ENGAGED!!!!" I was beyond excited because Jenny and Dan have been dating since our freshman year of college - that's 8 years!! Jenny and I have also been friends since freshman year of college, when we pledged the same sorority. She was from out of state and didn't have a car at school so I'd pick her up for football games in my POS car..good times, good times.

Now for the story: Jenny was at their house when Dan came home with a bunch of new toys and treats for Presley (their "son"). She didn't think much of it, as this dog is very spoiled. She was either about to get in the shower or had just gotten out of the shower (can't remember) when she noticed Presley had a new collar on. When she called Presley to get an up-close look, this is what she saw...
Yes, the date is one day off, but that's not the point! Jenny walked down stairs and Dan was on one knee. Isn't that such a cute story?!?! I can't wait to be a part of their big day next year! 
The happy couple
Most likely the Best Man or Ring Bearer haha

 And now..a trip down memory lane and my road to 27 Dresses...

Uncle Daryl & Aunt Cheryl (no pic..pre-digital camera days) June 2000

Leslie & Tyler - May 2008
Becca & Ryan - May 2009
Alyssa & Chris - April 2010
Emily & David - July 2010
And I will add 2 more bridesmaid dresses to my closet in 2011! Katie & Henry in May, Jenny & Dan most likely in August. 

Is this normal for my age?? How many weddings have you been in?


  1. That is the cutest proposal ever! What a cute idea. And love the wedding pictures.

  2. Awww, WHAT a cute story!! :-D I've been in 3 weddings... I think it varries with each person. Love all the dresses-- especially the light green dresses, gorgeous :-D