Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend of Celebrations!

This weekend was a very eventful one! Worked a rehearsal dinner Friday night, wedding on Saturday then Sunday was of course Father's Day and also Cameron's 26th Birthday!
This picture is a little dark and hard to see, but I had to climb up on an 11 ft ladder to hang these paper lanterns. This is usually discouraged at my job because I'm not technically supposed to be this hands on, but I got permission from my boss to be the bride & grooms day-of-coordinator since they were on a tight budget. The bride was super appreciative and it made me feel really good to help her our! Congratulations Sally & Daniel! :)
Sunday was Father's Day and also my boyfriend, Cameron's, 26th birthday! We celebrated by having my family come over to Cameron's parent's house on Johns Island to hang by the pool during the day and had a fish fry for dinner. Yum! Last Monday was Cameron's sister-in-law's birthday and this Saturday is Cameron's brother's birthday so we also celebrated their birthday's, as well.
Here are a few pics that my mom took yesterday..

Cameron's sister-in-law (back of her), Cameron's mom (standing), & my sister and I sitting on the steps

Enjoying my inflatable boat

My mom caught my sister & I being nice to each other

Me, My Daddy and Sister, Stephanie

Cameron, D4 & Kara blowing out their birthday candles (sorry so blurry)

Don't laugh - I painted this picture for Cameron as one of his gifts. It was my first attempt at painting and he said he likes it (he's smart).

Today after work, I'm going to Boulevard Diner with the work girls! Never been, but I've been to their other restaurant, Mustard Seed, which I L-O-V-E. My friend, Christina, is pretty much obsessed with this group of restaurants. Will let you know how it was tomorrow!



  1. i haven't been to boulevard diner! it's the only one i haven't tried. i'm so jealous! have fun and definitely let me know how it is.

  2. It was also Dan's birthday! -steph