Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Twin Tuesday.

3D ultrasound at 12 weeks

When did we know it was twins? 
We knew that by doing the IUI procedure to get pregnant, there was an increased chance of having twins. But honestly, we didn't think it would happen to us! Then, when I went in to have my bloodwork done to confirm the pregnancy, my first beta number was 565. Two days later it was 1400. They like to see this number atleast double, so when mine more than doubled, the girls in a private Facebook group I was in, were all convinced it was twins. The higher HCG numbers do not ALWAYS indicate multiples though so I really wasn't sure what to believe. Then, at our first ultrasound at 5 weeks (seeing a fertility doctor gets you early ultrasounds!) we got the shock of our lives when the doctor said, "well, just as I suspected, there are two in there!" My eyes got huge, and I kept looking back and forth between the ultrasound screen and a very shocked (and silent) husband.

Type of twins?

There are a few types of twins: 
Ours are "di-di" twins (bottom right), which means they are in separate amniotic sacs and have their own placentas. Luckily, these are the least risky type of twins. And there's your science lesson for the day. :) 

Do twins run in our family?
Nope! They are a blessing due to the fact that we did the IUI procedure to get pregnant.

How did we tell our parents it was twins? 
After our first ultrasound at 5 weeks, we got back to Cameron's car and immediately called our parents to share the exciting/shocking news. We actually Face-timed my parents and when they picked up, all they saw was the ultrasound below. My mom literally said, "oh, sh*t!" Needless to say, they were also shocked and very excited. We then called Cameron's parents and his stepdad said the same thing! 

Identical or fraternal?
Di-di twins are most likely fraternal (unless they are boy/girl in which they are definitely fraternal), but there is also a slight chance they could be identical. We will not know for sure until they are born. 

When did we find out the genders? 
My regular OB told us that we would not be able to find out the genders until my 20 week ultrasound. Are you kidding me?!? I'm the type of person that gives birthday presents early because I hate waiting! So I scheduled an elective ultrasound for 17 weeks. Well, at my 16 week appointment, which Cameron last minute decided he couldn't come to because he was swamped at work and I thought it was just going to be a quick appointment, the ultrasound tech told me she could tell what they are and asked if I wanted to know. Well again, I am the worst at waiting on things, so I immediately said yes! Baby A was not being very cooperative so we moved on to Baby B. It's (very clearly) a boy! Went back to Baby A and were finally able to tell it's another boy! I immediately started tearing up because I wanted atleast one boy because we wanted to name him after Cameron's brother that passed away when he was younger. 
After my appointment was over, I wanted to tell Cameron in person the genders and absolutely could not wait until after work. I went to Party City and picked up a bunch of blue balloons and drove to his work. Once I was in the parking lot, I hid around a corner, called him, and asked him to come outside. He walked outside, and there I was with the blue balloons! Surprise, we're having two boys! He was very shocked and even more excited. It was really cute and I'll never forget the look on his face. :) 

What's my due date?
My original due date was November 22, but with twins you are considered full term at 38 weeks, so that moves my due date up to November 8. The same due date as one of my best friends, Katie! I'm 19 weeks today, so that means I'm halfway there!! 

Did I miss anything? Sorry for the uterus pictures, I know some people are weird about seeing them. 

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  1. I've been following your blog for some time but don't think I've ever commented! Just wanted you to know I am SO SO excited for you!! Twins run in my family as well as my husband's so I am already looking forward to more Twin Tuesday posts :)

  2. I love the way you surprised him with the balloons!!! So cute! I'm glad you're doing these updates bc I want to know how it's going! :)

  3. I would be the same way and not be able to wait! It’s too exciting!!

  4. You are the cutest. So excited for y'all!

  5. I am so freaking excited for you! Love the way you shared the news with your parents and the gender with Cameron. Super adorable!

  6. So exciting!! Like you, I can't wait haha. Look forward to all of your updates. xx

  7. Megan! I'm so so so excited for you guys. Maybe this is weird to say since I don't actually know you? But you guys will be amazing parents! And boys! They're so fun. Praying the pregnancy is easy and uneventful and those little boys are perfect!!!

  8. I'm over the moon for you! So so so exciting!

  9. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! Two boys so amazing :)


  10. You posted your uterus just bc you knew it would creep me out didn't you? �� Love ALL of you, yay for a reunion weekend!! ������

  11. I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy! I miss being pregnant all the time now that Watson is here-even though I was a very unpleasant pregnant person. At my 6week postpartum checkup, I actually teared up walking down the hallway in my doctor's office because the smell of the building reminded me of the excitement I felt while walking down that hallway for every single doctor's appointment leading up to delivery! There's nothing like that feeling. Enjoy every moment! So happy for y'all!

  12. So excited for you! I did IUI as well and have twin boys that will be 9 months on Thursday. It's a wild ride but I wouldn't change one minute of it. Can't wait to follow along! Congrats!!!!

  13. First off, congrats!! I've been reading for a while but never commented... I have boy twins too... Mine were from taking chlomid... But were di di as well. Mine don't look a thing alike! I'm sure you known tons of twin mamas bc there are so many more out there these days but let me know if you ever have any questions! Mine turn 2 this Friday! They were born at 36 weeks:-)

  14. Congrats!! I'm so excited to read along with your pregnancy. So many bloggers I follow have recently had babies and now I'm finally pregnant so I can't wait to read your updates! My husband and I needed a little help from Coastal Fertility but we only have one bun in the oven. ;) Thanks for sharing and good luck!!

    1. We went to Coastal, too! Your email isn't linked to your profile, so I hope you come back and read this! :)

  15. Congrats! Such a blessing! So happy for you and your husband! My son was born on November 12, 2014! What I loved most about that was being able to be home with him during my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and be with family who also had off during the holidays. And of course being able to have a glass of red wine during those holidays! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, it goes so fast!

  16. So happy for you! I just beamed as I read the story of you telling Cameron with balloons hidden in the parking lot!