Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Introducing Gus The Golden!

Both Cameron and I grew up with golden retrievers so the next dog that was going to be part of our lives was a no brainer. We did our research on breeders and the different types of goldens (did you know there were two??) and decided we wanted an English Cream Golden Retriever. From what we read online, ECGRs have a longer life expectancy on average and are less likely to get cancer than American Golden Retrievers. Who know if this is all true, but it sounded good to us! Plus, ECGRs aren't as common as regular golden retrievers.  

Three months after our sweet Brady passed away, we picked up our tiny white ball of fur from a breeder in a small town called Troy, SC. He has provided us with lots of laughter to replace our sadness of losing Brady. And it's a good thing he is so cute, because he has also provided us many, many hours of frustration (aka potty training). 

You can follow Gus on Instagram - @gus.thegolden

And now for cute puppy photo overload.....

The day we decided we wanted the "grey collar" dog to be ours! 
He was the perfect combination of cuddly and playful, which still remains true. 

And the day we brought him home at 7 weeks!

Couch cuddles when Dad wasn't looking

First Halloween costume: Gus the mouse from Cinderella

The time I dressed him up as a baby

Gus' First Christmas
(This photo was re-grammed from Southern Living Magazine!)

Family pic

My sister got a puppy about the same time as we did! 
His name is Cooper. 

He's OBSESSED with sticks. 

I grew a lot in six months!

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  1. I've loved watching Gus go from a little puppy to a big boy since you got him! I'm glad that he's filled a hole in your hearts :)

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  2. Gus us the cutest and obvi goldens are the best! ;)

  3. What a beautiful pup!! We have a Goldendoodle & he's like our child :) haha

  4. OH what a cutie! Pup love is the best

  5. He is so stinking cute! We are on the list for a black lab pup now and I am crossing my fingers all works out!

  6. Oh my heavens, Gus is the cutest! My husband grew up with Goldens so we are keeping our eye out for any good breeders! Xo, Stephanie