Thursday, July 9, 2015

Very Belated Home Updates.

This post is only, oh, 6 months belated. 

I had been wanting to repaint our living room for quite a while and what better time than Winter, when you're stuck inside bored out of your mind? The hardest part of the whole project was deciding on a paint color. Isn't that always the case?? I wanted a warm white color light enough to not look tan, but dark enough to contrast with the white trim and baseboards. After buying 6 or so samples, I wound up using the color in our master bathroom, but lightning it up quite a bit. Very happy with the results! But apologize that I still do not have a quality camera, thus have to rely on my Iphone. 

A little side by side comparison of the two colors. Bye bye beige!

Want to see something really funny? Check out this post where I showed the transition of the living room, starting from the day we closed on the house. 

Next up was to bring our master bedroom from college material to grown up material. Before, we had no headboard and mismatched end tables, both that we've had since college. Prettttty embarrassing. Now, I'm not nervous if anyone glances in our bedroom (unless I haven't picked up my pile of discarded clothes from when I can't decide what to wear). 

Originally I mentioned that I wanted a navy blue headboard, but I was too nervous to pull the trigger. Scared that it would be a little too bold and I would eventually get tired of it. I'm no interior designer, and a lot of times what I see in my head does not translate to real life. Ideally I'd like all white bedding, but I'm happy with what we have for now! The lamps are probably slightly too big for the end tables, but I don't care, I love them! And the end tables themselves are probably my favorite piece of the whole "makeover." It took me so long to find the right color, height, width, and style. Very happy with how it all came together! 

Headboard - Wayfair
Duvet cover - Pottery Barn (old)
End tables - Joss & Main
Lamps - Lamps Plus
Ring dish - Anthropologie (old)
Mirror - Lowe's (old)

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  1. I loooooooove your master bedroom! It looks perfect! That is the last room in our house that needs to be painted, but we have to hire someone since one side of the room has suuuuper tall walls and we can't do it ourselves. I love the headboard, the bedding...everything!!

  2. Those lamps are fab!! Looks great!

  3. So, so gorgeous and I am seriously in love with those LAMPS!

  4. I love the new bed. I need a new bed like WHOA! or just a headboard...i've checked out myself. maybe i'll finally pull the trigger on getting one.

    and i have the same mirror above my bed. that thing was an effin' bitch to hang. i hope it never falls.

  5. You've come a long way from salmon! I'm loving those lamps.

  6. Everything looks great and I love the color you chose for your living room!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  7. Love the color you chose! And those lamps are really cool...looks great!! Xx.

  8. LOVE the lamps! We, too, have mismatched bedside tables and it's making me crazy!

    xo, Paige

  9. Those lamps are to die for. I like how you are mixing traditional pieces with some more modern ones.


  10. Our headboard is also from Wayfair and we love it! I also really like the color in the living room - what is it??

  11. It looks so great! I agree- finding the paint color is the HARDEST part! Currently suffering through that right this minute.

  12. Better late than never! I love the mirror over your bed :)

  13. I love the color in your living room! And your headboard is great! I totally feel you on the what you picture in your head not translating over. I feel like that's always my struggle. xo

  14. Love the paint color! And your master bedroom looks great!

  15. Gorgeous!! I love the paint color that you picked for the living room and your master bedroom is perfect! Xo, Stephanie