Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five {Exciting News, Garden, Target Finds, New Front Porch Pretties, + Weekend Plans}

Happy Friday, everyone! 
Very glad this day is here and am hoping the work day flies by!

Cameron got a new job!
After working 7 years at his previous job, the only one he's had since college, he made the decision to move on to the next step in his career. He started on Monday and seems to like it so far! Other than the fact that his drive to work went from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Proud of him for taking a chance on this great opportunity!

Garden is planted!
Last Thursday I finally got the rest of the soil spread in my raised garden bed, and all of the seeds planted. I planted just a few plants because I knew the seeds will take a while before any of the veggies will be big enough to eat. I've become crazy garden lady though - checking on it every single day, and even creating a spreadsheet of what we planted and when it sprouts...and a layout so that when things DO start to grow, I will be able to remember what was planted where!

 I planted these about 2 weeks before I planted anything in the raised bed. That's why they are so much further along. We've had the kale plant since the Fall.

Wednesday after the gym I made a quick stop in Target. I actually made it out with only the items on my list! That rarely happens. I picked up a 1 1/2" curling iron that I've been meaning to purchase for a while now, Olay Fresh Effects face wipes that are perfect to stash in your car and use after a nice sweaty session at the gym (they smell so good!), and a Sonia Kashuk kabuki brush that I'm pretty obsessed with.

Last week during a Costco haul, they had potted hydrangeas and beautiful hanging baskets by the front entrance that immediately caught my eye (like they are supposed to do). I held off on the hydrangeas, but thought that the hanging basket ($15.99) was way too pretty to pass up. I especially love it because it doesn't have the ugly plastic bottom.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to rain cats and dogs tonight and tomorrow, so we don't have any concrete plans until Sunday. For Easter, we'll be going to church with Cameron's family, then heading to my grandma's house for an early dinner. After that, I'll hop in the car with Emily, David, and Baby Lane and head to Greenville for the annual BrightLife golf tournament fundraiser on Monday! SO excited, as this is my first year attending! If you've ever noticed the BrightLife picture on the right hand column of my blog, this is what it's all about! You can learn more about our good friend Tim (and his pretty awesome wife, Jenny) and BrightLife here.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!
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  1. Looks like I'm making a Costco run today for those potted hydrangeas! That's so exciting for Cameron! Any job news for you? Your garden is doing great! I keep saying we need to start one. Have a good weekend even though it's going to be gross and rainy!

  2. I love that PRETTY potted hydrangea....hydrangeas are my fave!!! And YAY for yall's garden. My hubby is the gardener in our fam. I have the garden death touch...I just cook the food. ;)

    Happy Easter!!!

  3. That hanging basket is gorgeous! Good call. And congrats on Cameron's new job! xo

  4. I'm so jealous of your garden and hanging plants. We are still in the riping out everything stage for our yard but I hope one day we can have a garden. Definitely share any tips is you have them.

  5. I just got a potted a hydrangea as well and it is huge and gorgeous! Jealous of your garden- I need one so badly but being not done with the house, etc. I think we will do one next year for sure!

  6. That hanging plant is so pretty!! You're totally not a crazy garden lady, that's good thinking!! :) I wish we had room to do something like that in our yard. Happy Easter friend! :)

  7. you're garden is awesome! i want one :) lol. kudos for going into target and only buying the things you wanted! i went last night and didnt buy a thing! i'm dumbfounded / amazed / kind of annoyed at myself. LOL

  8. congrats to Cameron! that's so exciting!
    and LOVING your garden! i really one one someday. have a happy easter! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. LOVE your garden and that you have a spreadsheet! Thats totally what I would do. I hope to plant one soon! Have a great Easter weekend!

  10. $16 for that cute hanging basket is such a great deal! I don’t like the plastic bottoms either, but love yours! Have fun at the golf tournament-- Brian’s mom will likely be there (Patti). Hopefully one year soon Brian and I can make it!

  11. that's a cute little brush. i'm so jealous of the's still winter-ish here. ahh.

  12. Yay for a cute garden!!!! We need to start our asap!

  13. Bryce has just started planting all our veggies and herbs for our summer garden! So excited!

  14. Gorgeous flower basket!! And so jealous of your garden. Since we just started the process of building we won't be having a garden this summer, kind of a bummer! Happy Friday!

  15. Congrats on Cameron's new job!! Love your garden!

  16. How exciting to see the plants in the garden growing already!

  17. Can you come organize my garden for me?!! We planted a bunch of peppers last year (well my husband did) and then we couldn't remember what we put where, haha it was sad and hysterical at the same time. Congrats on Cameron's new job- it's always hard to make a change!