Monday, July 8, 2013

My July Fourth Weekend + Giveaway Winner

Ahh the Monday after 4th of July weekend. Always such a caffeine filled and hazy day, especially after sitting in traffic this morning for 45 minutes due to a structure fire. After working July 4th, 5th, & 7th I thought for sure I'd be scheduled off today. But no, not the case.  I even make the schedule! What was I thinking??
I had my fair share of fun on Saturday though, which was good enough for me!
We started by doing a little fishing on the boat, then headed to the sandbar to meet up with some friends. After that, we went to Cameron's cousin's 30th birthday bash! It was so fun! They had an inflatable slide, inflatable slip n slide, beer truck, and food truck!

The beer and food trucks were owned by Coastal Crust. The food truck served pizza, s'mores and gelato, and the beer truck served a variety of craft beer. All were super tasty!

Here was our view when we pulled up by boat
And here's the party!

If only my birthday weren't in December! I've always wanted a pool party!
Congratulations to the winner of the A Cut Above giveaway, A Simple Southern Life!
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  1. Wow this 30th birthday sounds like the best ever!! So fun to have food trucks and inflatables!!

  2. OMG I say we make this happen in December no matter what. Clear top tent + sidewalls + multiple space heaters - I'm in! What a fun party - and weekend!

  3. Wow! That looks like a birthday party!

  4. this birthday party looks awesome!! Love all of the inflatables.

  5. Oh my goodness I am so jealous of this birthday party! It looks like!

  6. I hate that my birthday is in December too! I SO would want to do this for my 30th! The pizza food truck was at the Charleston beer garden a couple months ago I think...they were very tasty

  7. it looks like a fun weekend.