Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: February To-Do's.

It's getting real, y'all!  Today marks the 2 month countdown! I am so ready for this thing to get here!!

Let's see if I got my list of January to-do's accomplished..
-Pre-marital counseling. Check! Our last session was supposed to be last night, but our Pastor forgot to put us on the calendar. :(
-Oyster roast in our honor. Check! See post here.
-Bridal shower. Check! See post here.
-Book honeymoon. Check! We didn't wind up using the original travel agent that we planned, which turned out better for us because we are using a girl who grew up in the same neighborhood as me and she has been SUPER helpful! Her company is called The Shady Umbrella if anyone is looking for a wonderful travel agent!
-Send out invitations. Check!!! Guests should have all received theirs by now! :)

I have a feeling February's list is going to be rather lengthy..
-Purchase Cameron's wedding band
-Purchase bridal portrait to display at reception
-Reserve the hotel room for the wedding night (yep, I'm cutting it close!)
-Purchase Cameron's wedding present(s)
-Finalize cake 
-Purchase fabric for lounge pillows
-Purchase random items like bins for koozies, something to put cards in, etc
-Get signs to Shea for calligraphy
-Stock the Bar party thrown for us by our wonderful wedding party!

A lot of purchasing going on in February! Thank you tax returns! :)


  1. I am excited to receive my tax return too for the lots of purchasing I need to do.

    What are you getting him for the wedding gift?! I don't know if we're going to do this or not. I think our house may have been our gift to each other ha!

  2. Go girl! I get knots in my stomach thinking about finalizing all of those "little things." Two months!

  3. Whoa I feel like a celeb! I have never been referenced in a blog! Can't wait to help ya.

  4. Yay for a STB party!! You're getting so close!

  5. Our to do lists are almost the EXACT same!! We've gotta get movin' girl!!!

  6. Getting so close! My wedding account dwindled a lot during the last two months - lots and lots of purchases!

  7. Looks like a very busy and expensive month ahead!! You have a lot on your plate! The stock the bar party will be so fun!

  8. You had a very productive January! :)