Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 House To-Do's.

I'm posting this so that we can hold ourselves accountable and actually get back on the home updating train! Most of this stuff will obviously happen after the wedding because ain't nobody got time for all of that before then. 
-Paint front door's now white and surrounded by white trim and white windows. Painting the door black will make it pop!
 -Paint interior doors that need it
-Clean out junk room, which has turned into the wedding storage room
-Finish laundry room, which includes installing cabinets, finding a small rug
-Fix cabinet door in hall bathroom..just a little sanding and re-painting
-Fix window screens of junk room
-Hang curtains in guest room
-Finish painting guest room wall..either finish the stenciling or paint over it
-Clean out dog pin in backyard and plant garden..really need to get this done before the wedding to be ready for spring planting!
-Paint fascia and window trim
-Clean out and organize garage
-Paint garage ceilings, walls, and floor (epoxy on floor) 


  1. I definitely need to make this list as well... maybe i`ll go do that now. xx

  2. Sometimes I love HI projects and other times they make me wanna pull my hair out! Here lately it has been the latter!

  3. Your house is so cute! I have a checklist for my house that looks just like this!

  4. Your house is lovely!

  5. I have a list like this that is 4 pages long. Ugh. So much to do! Your house is so cute. I think a black front door would be awesome! Or a yellow one! The house next door to us has a yellow front door that I love.

  6. This post stresses me out. It makes me realize I have seriously slacked on our house list. You guys are doing awesome!

  7. Love that you call it a junk room...everybody has one but not everyone will admit to it :-) Your list is so short - just enough to fill up the weekends between the wedding and football season.

  8. seems never ending... I should make a list for myself

  9. I need to work on a list for my house.

  10. We have been working at Bryce's house A LOT. How a 25 year old bachelor has so much stuff is beyond me! It's his house, but I'm trying to get him used to a "Honey Do" list early, haha...only joking (kind of...)!