Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fear The Fish!

Tonight, the South Carolina Gamecocks begin the playoffs of the College World Series. They are playing for their THIRD STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!

-It started with 64 teams..
-Only 8 made it to Omaha..
-#8 ranked South Carolina beat #1 ranked Florida..
-South Carolina loses to Arkansas, ending their 22 consecutive NCAA tournament winning streak..
-South Carolina beats Kent State, and then goes on to beat Arkansas later that evening, becoming the first team since 1952 to win two games in one day in the CWS..
-South Carolina beats Arkansas again, knocking them out of the series..
-Tonight, they play Arizona in the double elimination playoffs.
-If South Carolina wins, they will join only one other team (the OTHER USC), in winning three straight CWS championships!

Let's go Gamecocks!!

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