Friday, June 15, 2012

Alexandria Trip - Part 2. (Savannah & Dan's Wedding!)

Saturday morning, Emily and I were up bright and early due to the sun beaming through our hotel window. Of course, it didn't bother Cameron and David, as they slept in until we came back from Dunkin' Donuts with breakfast and coffee.

Once everyone was up and ready, we hopped on the free trolley that runs up and down King Street towards the water where all of the shops and restaurants are. We stopped in Anthropologie because Katie told us they were having a big sale. All I picked up, was this cute little guy who I had previously posted about! He was on sale for $15!

We didn't get to spend much time shopping around because the wedding ceremony was at 2:30pm.
Introducing Mr & Mrs Brennan!
The reception wasn't until 5:30pm so a group of us stopped at the Hard Times Cafe for a beer and a snack. We were told to ask for Princess so we did, and we loved her! She was hilarious and hooked us up with chili samples, which is what they're known for. It was so good! I'll give you one guess as to what I ordered for my snack......
Gamecock lovin' in NOVA.

On to the reception..

The reception was held at the beautiful Belle Haven Country Club. Cocktail hour was on the back patio overlooking the golf course.

After cocktail hour, we walked upstairs to the ballroom where the sit-down dinner and reception were held. We walked in and immediately heard some upbeat music from the band. I really liked how they were playing fun music from the get-go rather than some snoozy jazz. Good pick of a band, Savannah, they were AWESOME!
Mini ice cream cones for dessert!

Then the party started...
Kristen & Cameron doing the lawnmower.

Savannah doing the air guitar.

Dan playing the drums. He's really good!

so sweet.
Once back at the hotel, sillyness ensued.
That would be Cameron pushing David on the luggage cart.

We then ordered a pizza, and fell asleep. I had two missed calls the next morning, a $16 charge on my debit card, and no pizza. Must have been a good night!

Kudos to you if you made it to the end of this post.


  1. hahaha that is hilarious that y'all ordered a pizza and then passed out! sounds like a super fun wedding!!!

  2. Your dress is super cute!

    The mini ice cream cones are such a great idea!! I need to get married so I can just have one gigantic party with all the cool stuff. Not really interested in having a man at the moment. lol

  3. That looks like a fun wedding! :) I love the mid tackle picture! So funny!!! The food looked amazing... mini ice cream cones??? SO CUTE!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. So glad you had such a fun time in my 'hood! :)

  5. making me proud with those fried pickles!! you have to come over to justin's when we fry Wickles!!!

  6. The bride was stunning!! and is that fried zucchini?? yum!!

  7. Looks like you had so much fun! The food is literally making me drool right now. And all of you girls look so beautiful in your pretty dresses--love yours!

  8. This looks like a fun wedding! And to end the night with no pizza, a charge, and calls? Must have been great! I've heard a few stories with a similar ending like that lately. Love it! And you look great, Megan!!