Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Got Them..

We've all seen (and shown) lists of what WE wanted but now that you've given your loved ones the gifts you spent hours shopping for and wrapping, I want to know what YOU bought for THEM!

Mom - Clear glass pitcher (requested) and a pink chevron scarf

Dad - Gamecock grilling set (He's remodeling the back deck and grill area.)

Sister - Wine rack (requested), a Paris tea towel and a bottle of wine

Emily - JCrew bubble necklace and a cocktail ring

Caroline - Can't say because I haven't given her her present yet. :)

Katie - Pink chevron scarf and an ornament with her new last name
Jenny - Ornament with her new last name

Brady - New bed

Cameron - Clemson cornhole boards and a Clemson polo
(I mainly wanted the cornhole boards for myself so I figured the best way to get them was to give them to Cameron as a present. Even if that meant getting them Clemsonized.) :)

What was your favorite gift that you gave??


  1. Where did you get the ornaments with the last names? They are fab?

  2. Loving the idea of the new last name on an ornament! xo

  3. I also love the last name ornaments! Where did you get them?

  4. What a great idea! I may steal this!

  5. You are a fabulous giver--those name ornaments are great!

  6. Love the ornaments! Are they from Etsy?

  7. i love THE ornaments!!!! nice find:)

  8. i bet i know what your favorite gift was! haha

    these are awesome - love the ornaments with the new last name - so creative!

  9. The pink chevron scarf sounds SO cute! You gave the best gifts :)

  10. Great corn hole set, even if you did have to make it orange....

  11. Love the Gamecock grilling set!! Gooo Cocks! You should check out my blog...I could be your brunette twin!:)