Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekending. (And finished Pinterest project!)

This weekend was full of friends and Christmas spirit!

First of all, I arrived home from work Friday evening to 4 packages! Two were presents to give, two were presents to receive.
Frankie sent me a beautiful pickle ornament. :)
Later that night we had a relaxing night at home. We invited two couples and their pups over to grill out and sit by the fire (getting good use out of that fire pit!). It was a fun, low key night.
Smore's supplies.

Birdie enjoyed sitting by the fire.
Brady enjoyed digging a hole and laying in the dirt. (Ugh.)
And Benny stayed warm snuggling in the chair.
 Saturday, all I really wanted to do was be lazy on the couch. Cameron wasn't a fan of my plan, so we went downtown to find him a jacket and grab some lunch. Operation find a jacket was a success (FINALLY!).  Ate lunch at a Greek restaurant called Taziki's. Sat a few tables down from Mayor Joe Riley, which was pretty neat. I would definitely recommend Taziki's, but Olympik Deli is still #1 for my taste buds.

Later that day I had to go pick up Cameron's super secret Christmas present. Can't wait to share with yall! On the way home, I took this pic - while driving. I love our bridge and our sunsets.

Christmas party #1 of the season followed that evening. But there are no pics to prove it.

Sunday I had to be up bright and early to start setting up for my company Christmas party. Here is the reveal of the Pinterest inspired centerpiece! They turned out awesome and we got a lot of compliments on them!

And a couple of pics from the evening..

Raffle time! I won a $100 gift card to Kohl's! And promptly spent it when I got home. Ha. What? They were having a 20% off sale that ended that night so I HAD to use it! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too!


  1. "Brady enjoyed digging a hole and sitting in the dirt" hahahah love it!

    i saw all these pics on FB - looks like such a fun weekend! I'm working on operation Find Ashley A Jacket too.....Atlanta is COLD!!!

    And I LOVED the pink top you wore to the Christmas is definitely your color!

  2. wohooo you won ! haha and I love the dog pics =] such cuties!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Love your interest centerpieces!!

  4. What a wonderful weekend. The centerpieces turned out wonderful

  5. The picture of your wine glass made me really want a glass of red wine, right now!