Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ta-Da! Part One.

Finished painting the laundry room last night! There are a few spots I need to touch up but all in all I am very happy with how it turned out!
Here is the room when Cameron first bought the house:

He ripped up the carpet and took those steps out. No clue what the purpose of the steps were, other than the fact that they opened up and could be used for storage.


Two coats of Behr's Cotton Knit and it's done!

There are a few reasons I did not take a picture of the whole room:
-I didn't want you to see our pre-historic washer and dryer that were still in the middle of the room because I accidentally broke the hose to the washing machine. Oops.
-I didn't want you to see the floor which is basically concrete right now because Cameron ripped up the former floor..whatever it was..and we haven't replaced it yet.

Next up on the list:
-I'm going to make my own pendant light out of a Chinese paper lantern and coffee filters.
Similar to this, but smaller.
-New tile (Cameron job)
-Make my own curtains.
-Cabinets (Cameron job)
-Buy a small rug. Have to decide if I want to stick with a neutral color or add a pop of color.

Thank you, Michelle, for letting me copy your office! :)


  1. Those stripes really open up that space! I love it. I have seen that lantern too and really like it. Maybe we should have a craft night?

  2. I love how the stripes turned out!! The color combo is perfect.

  3. It looks so good already! Love the stripes!

  4. wow! i love the stripes, great color choices. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Love it! Looks great!! You should check out this Hi Sugarplum! blog post about the curtains she did in her daughter's room - they look so easy to make but turned out really nice!

    She has lots of other cool DIY projects on there too.

  6. Oh, I love the stripes. The neutrals look great.

  7. looks wonderful Meg! I really really really want to do this to a room in our house. The paper lantern is a great idea, too!

  8. Those stripes look great! Definitely post about the lamp. I'd love to see how it turns out.

  9. Looks great girl! I might enlist your help when I move Sterling to a big boy room bc I am thinking I want to do stripes. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. Love the color- might have to steal it- I used Behr Brown Tepee in my bedroom and it looks similar. I say wait neutral carpet and pop of color in art or curtains. You dont want to look at the floor first when you walk in the room!

  11. Good morning from Tokyo!

    What fabulous stripes, Megan! Not only do they add visual interest, they're a simple way to posh up a room. Great job! I cannot wait to see what you do next.



  12. Megan this looks SO good!! Totally transformed the room!

  13. AMAZING job megan! It looks great :)

  14. Megan! This looks fantastic!! It makes me want to think about trying it in my little room at our house!! I haven't clicked the source yet, but that paper lantern looks great. I'm wondering if it will be hard to make? Hmm...Might be added to my list...

  15. i think i'm going to start calling you two martha stewart and rachel ray! i can't believe how exact to that original picture the final room looks!

    and PLEASE take note of your steps for that lantern...i LOVE it!

    have a good weekend martha!

  16. Wow! You did a GREAT job!! Super impressive skills lady! :)

  17. Great work!! I can't wait to see that lamp!

  18. loooove the stripes! it looks fabulous. :)

    the style projects

  19. I am in love with your stripes. This is the cutest idea for a laundry room.