Monday, July 11, 2011

Kiawah Dog Beach.

On Saturday a group of us ventured out to the dog beach on Kiawah Island. It was my first time out there, even though I work on Kiawah. The seven humans and six doggies all had a great time. It confirmed how much I like the boat more than the beach, but I'm still glad we went!

Brady and Birdie

my chicken brings all the boys to the yard.
"It's so hot out here, Mom!"
Buster, Napoleon, Brady (and Richard)


Pauly D?


  1. We take our dog to IOP. Looks like we will have to try Kiawah someday when we feel like taking an adventure.

  2. Looks like the pups had a blast! So cute!

  3. HAHA LOVE the Pauly D comparision! I def busted out a GTL statement this weekend yikes

  4. This is so funny...I was just filling out my Sullivan's Island dog tag application (even though we have been taking our dog on the beach for months now) and I was thinking that they really need to build a dog beach park. I didn't even know Kiawah had one! Very cool... My fiance and I took Willow to the JI dog park yesterday - we're so proud of him because he's finally learned to swim. :) He's still sleepy today from all the fun.

  5. hey megan, what a wonderful weekend with the dogs! which one or ones is your puppy? thanks for adding me to your blog roll, hope you are doing great! meg

  6. I have yet to go out there but it looks so fun!

  7. i looked at these pics for like 10 minutes on FB....incredible!

  8. Cutest post to date. And I want to give Bennett a big hug!