Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that there are only THREE more days until Christmas!


I'm loving that my birthday is in ONE week! (Not loving being in my late 20's though.)

I'm loving the fact that Cameron and I have concrete NYE plans! We met up with Amanda (finally!!) and Ran last night to buy our tickets for Triangle's NYE party. Only $40, super close to home and I don't have to wear a cocktail dress! HAT TRICK!

I'm loving that I have today off of work! Meeting up with Amanda for breakfast, picking up my last Christmas gift, getting my teeth cleaned, lunch with my momma and then home to clean and cook dinner!

I'm loving Cameron's parents for giving us (among other reasons) a set of pots and pans as a housewarming gift! MUCH needed and appreciated.
I'm loving the new show on NBC called "Perfect Couples" that premiered Monday night.


  1. I'm loving that you said "HAT TRICK"! hahaha hilarious...can't wait for NYE!!!

  2. I'm glad that everything is going so well for you! Christmas is soon and I can't wait! I'll definitely have to check out that show on NBC.

  3. I'm loving my Jamaica Blue coffee! And happy early bday!

  4. I'm loving that I'm coming to Charleston next week and BETTER be seeing you!

  5. WAHHHHHHH I love the Pink Hunter Wellies!

    My hubby ordered me some from Nordstrom & got confirmation YESTERDAY that they were sold out! You know it will rain all week now! :)

    Happy Holidays girlie!!

  6. LOL... what's not to love about being in your late 20's? It's been fun for me for over 20 years now! ooooo, now I REALLY sound old....

    Happy early birthday! And a very merry Christmas!