Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair Dilemma - Let's Take Another Vote!

Since yall were so helpful with helping me pick out a dress last week for Kady's wedding, I thought I'd ask yall to help me again! This time, it's deciding on a hair color. You see, I went last Saturday to get my roots fixed and ending up walking out with hair this color....

I call this color: Dirty Dishwater or Ashy Elbow

And it's not anyone's fault but my own! Kady is actually who I go to to get my hair done and she will tell you that I am the most decisive / indecisive client. I'll think I know what I want, when in reality, I really don't.

She colored it a similar color about a year and a half ago and at first I hated it, and then it grew on me..

Looks a lot better with a tan..

So, she's fitting me in her schedule on Friday so I can fix it. I need to know from YALL - dark brown for the winter or back to blonde? Brown will be easier on my wallet because I won't have to upkeep it as much, but I *know* I'll like it blonde. Decisions, decisions...

Dark Brown
My apparent "doppleganger"
Last year...this year I want darker!

Of course I'm wearing a shirt!

Thanks yall! :)


  1. i say stick with blonde. but if you're feeling frisky on friday just do the brown...what do you have to lose?

  2. Dude, I think you would look amazing with that dark color and you DO look her!

  3. i love your hair blonde but i also love change... if you are up for it go BROWN for winter!

  4. You are def a blondie! Stay blonde - it's a pain to fix:)

  5. I love the dark color on you. Gorgeous.