Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Misters and Misses Wish for Mistletoe Kisses" (What I'm Loving Wednesday)

Happy December!! 

I'm loving that it's December, which means it's my birthday month! 28 more days until I turn 27. Late 20's = ewwwww.
Lil Wayne on his 27th birthday. (Hundred) dolla dolla billz, y'all!

I'm loving Edy's Slow Churned Pumpkin Ice Cream! My roomie bought some at the store yesterday and told me to try it. SO good! I know, I know..pumpkin flavored stuff is sooooo "out" and peppermint is sooooo "in", but I don't care! 

I'm loving that Cameron's sweet grandmother, RaRa, is turning 90 tomorrow and we are celebrating her birthday Friday night with 60 of her closest family & friends!

I'm loving the fact that Cameron's house has a fireplace and we took advantage of it Sunday night for the first time. Tonight may have to be the second because it is ccccccold outside!
Christmas decorations to come soon!

Close up of the swordfish I bought Cameron for our 2 year anniversary / his MBA graduation!

I'm loving that Brady got to go to the mall yesterday to see Santa Paws with his friends Bennett, Landon & Mickey! Group pic to come soon.


  1. Happy Birthday month to you! I will be 27th on the 18th...yuck! I don't feel like late 20's and you don't look like it! haha

  2. That pumpkin ice cream looks amazing! Happy Early Birthday!

  3. happy birthday month! late 20's are pretty gross. what i wouldn't give to be 21 and still in college.

  4. I know what you mean-I still can't believe I'm a little over one year from 30!!! Ahhh!!!
    Brady is too cute with his reindeer antlers!

  5. I LOVE pumpkin ice cream...and I couldn't find it in any of the grocery stores near us this year.

  6. Happy birthday month! Love your list, that pumpkin ice cream looks aaamazing.

  7. Great things to LOVE :) Pumpkin ice cream is the best!

  8. Love the loves! I have never had pumpkin ice cream! I need to try it!

  9. Thanks for playing along!

    Yay for December birthdays!

    We are sitting by our fire's chilly down in Georgia too!

  10. We share a birthday month. I hope yours is great