Monday, July 10, 2017

Seven Months

Playing a little catch up today. The boys are now a little over 8 months, so hopefully I can remember everything for their 7 month post!

7 MONTHS OLD || Both boys are sitting up on their own, love their solids, and continue to sleep through the night! Travis has his two bottom teeth. They are such happy, chill babies and are so much fun!! Thanks to Dee Dee for making these adorable outfits!

We finally moved on to the next Moms on Call schedule which is:
7am - Bottle
8am - Breakfast
9am - Nap
11am - Bottle
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Nap
3pm - Bottle
5pm - Snack or Dinner
6:30pm - Bath
7pm - Bottle/Bed

We've also started introducing the sippy cup with some water in it. Reid seems to be catching on a little faster than Travis with it.

Eating - Both do well with purees and we haven't found anything that they despise. I try to give them some Mum Mums (teething wafers) to help them learn how to chew. I was thinking about doing Baby Led Weaning with them, but ultimately my fears of them choking got in the way. Also, speaking of eating, I don't think I mentioned it last month, but they can both hold their bottles themselves! They lay in their Twin Z Pillow and just feed themselves! It's pretty nice. :)

Sleep - Again, they both do pretty great sleep wise, and we are super thankful for that! Last month, Travis ditched the Dock a Tot and swaddle, and Reid ditched the swaddle. Travis prefers sleeping on his stomach. Right now Reid is still content sleeping on his back, but won't be in the Dock a Tot much longer.

At their 6 month check up

Mother's Day
Travis with his Great Grandmas

My first Mother's Day

First boat ride!

 Travis and Grandy

5 out of 7 babies born in our group last year!
Ben, Reid, Travis, Page, and Paul

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  1. They both are so cute.

  2. They are so sweet! I love the picture of you holding them on Mother's Day!

  3. They are just so darling Megan!

  4. And Reid cut his first tooth on his aunt's 30th birthday :)

  5. It's so adorable how one of the boys looks like you and the other looks like your husband :)

  6. Oh my gosh, soo adorable! Love your blog, following now xx