Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Woo, long holiday weekends are exhausting with babies! Always on the go, basically living out of the diaper bag all weekend. We had originally planned on spending the weekend in Georgetown, SC for a fishing tournament (Cam would fish, the boys and I would hang out with the girls in the family) but due to the windy weather forecast, the boat decided not to go.

Since Cameron and I had already taken that Friday off from work, we decided to send the boys to daycare and spend the day, just the two of us (and Gus), on the boat! We cruised up to the Bohicket Marina, ate a yummy lunch at Lokal, and cruised back. While Cameron was cleaning the boat, I went and picked the boys up from daycare, and we hung out with my inlaws until dinner time.


Saturday we packed up the truck (so.much.stuff.) and headed to the beach for the first time! I was kind of nervous about their first trip, as the unknown is the worst part! We tried to time it so that they would sleep on the 45 minute drive, and then be in good moods once we got to the beach. Check! They played in the water, tasted the first of many handfuls of sand, and even snoozed for about an hour in the stroller.

Daddy and Reid's hiney

On Sunday, we packed the truck back up and headed to Little Oak Island, which is right before Folly Beach. Our friend's parents have a house there and we just hung out all day! The boys swang, played in the kiddie pool, took an hour long nap in unfamiliar territory (score!), and played with new toys.

Reid, Page, Travis, Evans

 Got to meet Aunt KA for the first time!
Oh, the stories she could tell the boys about their mommy!

Reid and Evans

Monday we hung out around the house for the first half of the day, then went out to Johns Island to Cameron's parent's house. His parents were kind enough to invite my parents and sister over, and Cameron's Uncle Thom and Aunt Gretchen came over, also. We enjoyed a yummy dinner outside by the pool and lots of giggles!

Reid and Grandaddy

Travis and Dee Dee

It was a great holiday weekend, and I look forward to the next one! Be back soon(ish) for their 7 month update!

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  1. Ahh we would have been so close if you had gone to Georgetown! Looks like y'all enjoyed a nice fam weekend! Love that you guys took the boat out with Gus on Friday! Reliving the olden days! ;)

  2. So much stuff is right! At least double compared to when it was just the two of us! Love following your boys as they're the same age as my Emerson and they are doing the same things!

  3. Taking days off and spending them together while the kids still go to daycare is so nice!!

  4. What a fun-filled weekend! They are seriously so cute! xx, I'm Fixin' To

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