Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Five [Beautycounter Edition]

Morning! Bet you didn't expect to see a post from me today, did you? Well, thanks to pregnancy insomnia, here I am writing a post at 3:30am. 

I'm sure you've all heard of Beautycounter by now and you probably know atleast one person who is a consultant of the brand. Earlier in the year when we started our fertility treatments, and after reading about how the majority of my beauty products had hormone disrupting ingredients in them (you can read more about that here), I decided to start switching my products for better ones. Not all at once (because $$$$) and I'm not claiming that 100% of the products I use don't include atleast one of the "bad" ingredients, but I've made the switch to the majority of my products. I can tell a huge difference in my skin!  

One of my oldest friends, Heidi, became a Beautycounter consultant a few months ago and we finally got up with each other so she could drop off a basket of samples for me to try. I'm not going to act like Beautycounter products are inexpensive, because they're not. Not for my budget anyway. BUT the products last a long time, and it makes me feel better that I know I'm not putting harmful ingredients on my skin. Additionally, my face is really sensitive and will turn red if I use a product that it doesn't like. Beautycounter products are gentle enough that I don't have to worry about this problem. So when Heidi offered to let me try her products before purchasing them, I didn't hesitate. There's nothing I dislike more than buying a product, bringing it home to try it, and hating it.   

Prior to Heidi dropping off her beauty bin, I was already a huge fan of the Beautycounter bronzer, hand cream in citrus mimosa, the everyday body wash, the enlightening treatment pads, and the nourishing cream cleanser

Following a few days with the basket and sampling the products, these 5 items are now on my wishlist:
Having combination skin, more towards the oily side especially in the summer, the last thing that I thought I would like was this hydrating face oil. However, once I applied it and it quickly absorbed into my skin, I was amazed at how soft my face was. I'm sure I would love it even more in the winter!

I love putting on a mask on a Sunday night while I'm winding down watching tv, and this one did not disappoint. The charcoal mask draws out impurities in your skin and minimizes pores. Not to mention makes your skin super soft, and not dried out! 

Back to the oily skin in the summer, this matte finishing powder would do wonders setting my makeup and keeping it there all day long, as well as absorbing any extra shine and minimizing pores/fine lines. It doesn't leave a white residue or any evidence that you've got it on. 

[four] Lip Sheer in Twig

I'm usually not a fan of lipstick because I feel like they dry out my lips, but these lip sheers are super moisturizing and stayed on my lips for hours! The twig color is the perfect barely there color. 

A good foundation brush can make all of the difference when applying make up. It's one of those things that you think people are crazy for spending a lot of money on, but after you find a really good one, you understand. This brush creates an even, airbrushed look, and the retractable feature makes it easily portable. 

If you'd like to contact Heidi to learn more about Beautycounter, you can visit her Facebook page, or contact her directly from the Beautycounter website

PS - She also creates one of a kind art and home decor products! Be sure to check out her design Facebook page, as well! She is one busy, talented mama! 

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  1. These all look like such good products! I'm glad you found a line that worked for you! :)

  2. Love that lip color. I have some of their cleansing balm but I've never used it...oops.

  3. Will have to try a few more of these! I have the charcoal mask and LOVE it! And that lip color is perfect!

    McKenzie //

  4. Did you make these bins? Or, purchase them somewhere?