Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day + Landscape Updates.

Oh, hello. Is there anyone still out there reading? I've been slack lately, but honestly, it's been kind of nice to step away from the blog for about a month. I was thinking about giving the blog up completely, but just this morning decided against it. I probably won't be posting as frequently as I used to, but hey, something is better than nothing, right? Right. On to Mother's Day...

This was our third year in a row hosting a Mother's Day brunch at our house (2014 / 2013). We love hosting get-togethers at our house. It lights a fire under our you-know-what to get projects done and we get to hang out with people we love! A winning combination. 

I decided to go a little fancier this year and broke out our special china. I used cloth napkins and our gold silverware, which were both given to us as wedding presents. Peonies were ridiculously inexpensive (3 stems for $4!) at Harris Teeter over the weekend so I scattered them around the house. All beverages and glassware were set up on the bar, which I failed to snap a photo of. 

On the menu:
Fresh Fruit
Bloody Mary's
Cucumber + Mint Infused Water

I'm definitely framing this pic.

Everyone left around 4:30pm and I immediately changed into my comfy clothes. Exhausted doesn't even begin to describe it after a weekend of non-stop activity. I poured myself another mimosa, plopped on the couch, painted my nails, caught up on my tv, and didn't move until bed time. 

Going back to house projects, this year prior to our brunch we focused on our landscaping. Cameron is pretty obsessed with our yard (there could be much worse things for him to be obsessed with!), even to the point where he looks up #yardwork on Instagram. He's going to kill me for saying that, but I think it's cute. 

The first thing we did was rake all of the old pinestraw out of the beds. In the backyard (first picture below), we installed gardenias, hydrangeas, geraniums, and impatiens. The two tall skinny trees (crepe myrtles) were already there. 

Up front we installed boxwoods, "purple pixie" loropetalum, white lantana, and plumbago. It will look really awesome once they start to grow!

Now I'm banning any kind of yard work for atleast a month. You hear that, Cameron??

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, you're back. I was hoping you would come back :)! I've missed your blog, lady! Please stay around, pretty, pretty please!?

    How fun you hosted a Mother's Day brunch, your table looks fabulous. And hooray for getting things done around the house, so productive and the outcome looks wonderful! Hope you have a fabulous week.

  2. That table-scape, gorgeous! I love seeing what other people are doing in their yard, it might inspire me to do some work in our yard. It needs it badly. That picture of you and the pup is precious!

  3. Your table looks great and so did your outfit! Glad your back :)

  4. Loving the peonies! I need to make a run to HT for that deal. Hope you have a good week! :)

  5. So glad to see you back around these parts! Love the menu for your brunch--looks delicious! :) Also loving that photo of you and your pup--totally frame-worthy.
    The yard is looking great too!

  6. Your yard looks great! All that hard work pays off with a good looking lawn!

  7. Looking good! We have blue plumbago around the pool!

  8. The yard looks great!! Wish we had more flowers - Ranger (our dog) just lays on them and ruins them lol Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

  9. your china is amazing! And I am totally with you...sometimes you just need to take a step back from blog land and enjoy some qt with family!

  10. Love the setup for your Mother's Day brunch! Prepping and hosting is the name of my game too, love it!

  11. The yard looks so, so good! You totally deserve a yard work break (especially with the humidity creeping up now, too!). The brunch menu is perfection, but why am I not surprised? ;)

  12. I love that you guys host brunch at your house every year! That bacon sounds so good! I really need to get more of a green thumb and learn to garden. Our yard looks so bad! You've influenced me to at least work on it!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  13. Playing catch up on blogs.... Love the gold China! Landscaping looks great - isn't it so rewarding?!

  14. the yard looks great and so does your place settings. I can't say anything I have been terrible with blogging recently too.

  15. That menu!!!! DROOLING!!!!!!!!!!
    The yard looks AMAZING!!!

  16. I'm so glad your back, we missed you! That menu sounds delicious and your yard looks amazing! Hope you've been enjoying it this weekend! Xo, Stephanie